Awesome Flooring Options

5 Awesome Flooring Options for Your Home

Every part of your home has a perfect flooring system to match its functions. Each room has its upsides and downsides. For example, the bathroom floors would, of course, get exposed to too much water every day. Might you get torn between choosing tile or concrete? Awesome Flooring Options-

Today’s piece would list down the most popular and appropriate flooring materials and Awesome Flooring Options found in and out of the homes.

Flooring options for functional spaces at home- Awesome Flooring Options

It’s arch important that floors at home are where safety begins, and Slip-resistant floors are what homes should seek first and foremost. Popular non-slip floors would include locally accessed linoleum floor coverings, polished concrete, and epoxy floors in Florida

1- Concrete Floorings for decorative Interiors and Exteriors 

In this day and age, concrete floor materials are the most welcomed flooring at homes, and it easily adapts to a design theme one has in their mind.

Today, concrete homes are getting popular again, and designers and architects call this the New Stone Age re-emergence. 

You can apply various types of concrete floor applications anywhere in your home. Here are some ways to have them:

  • Stained concrete

Stained concrete floorings are mainly used indoors, and this is a perfect flooring for massive spaces like expansive living rooms and dining rooms. They make a floating floor effect with a smooth listening finish that replicates marbled flooring patterns. It makes the floor look expensive and brand new even f it has aged for some time. 

  • Stamped concrete

Meanwhile, the stamped concrete floors are the ones best used outdoors, and they create a seamless continuous look on the ground that adds a distinct appeal to your patios or even the driveways. Concrete pool decks in your swimming area will also enhance and function with the concrete finished with stamps.

  • Textured concrete 

Textured finishings are another option for your outdoor concrete, specifically the decks around the backyard pool. The textures give a chic look, and then at the same time, it makes the surface cooler under the heat of the sun. 

2- Epoxy and polyurethane floors

The hybrid floors that combine innovative materials like resin and synthetic polymers to create durable adhesive coatings are the best choices for garage floors at home. 

Back then, only commercial and industrial spaces used epoxy floor coatings. But now, with floor contractors who upgrade their knowledge and gain more experience, they find the epoxy and urethane coatings suitable for messy spaces such as the garage.

3- Tile floors for moisture exposed spaces

In and out of the home, there will be spaces for practical uses. Of course, specific places such as the kitchen and bathrooms would be exposed to activities with too much exposure to water and liquid stains. A suitable material for such spaces is tiled flooring.

Tiled flooring is practical and easy to install, and that may also be one of the reasons why homeowners choose these materials.

4- Carpeted floors for extra care and comfort at homes

Carpets, rugs, mats are underrated flooring materials for residential spaces. These are practical floor coverings that you can easily access anywhere and that comes in various forms to suit any style and theme inside your homes.

Here are popular carpeting materials for homes.

  • Wool carpet- Wool carpets give cushioning to a hard flooring surface, and the soft, thick material also helps soundproof the room. Use this for your bedrooms to make them calm and perfect for nap times and resting hours.
  • Cork mats- cork flooring comes in a detachable material. You can have them fit any area or size that the room has. It is sustainable, made from old savings of wood or timber, then made into mats. It makes hardwood or concrete floors less prone to damage, and also the surface turns out non-slip. 

Rugs and mats- these small pieces of accent soften lies and a hoe. Usually, you would see them on the entrance steps, providing a spot for cleaning and dusting off the soles of the shoes, having them clean the floors instantly, especially for minimal stains and specks of dust.