Maintain your Sanity

Maintain your Sanity During WFH with these Tips

The world has changed after the COVID pandemic and we all are going insane because it’s been almost two years now that we are practicing social distancing and many of us are still working from home. Those who never worked from home found this exciting but even those are done staying at home all the time. It’s really hard for you to keep your sanity intact, especially for a person who used to go out a lot to events and to restaurants with friends. People are going insane and it totally makes sense. You can?t stay at your home all the time and if you work and all you do is work then trust me, it’s going to be a really hard path for you. It’s like surviving in a treehouse where you are surrounded by animals and you know if you leave the house, you?ll get yourself killed. You?re lucky that you are not living in a treehouse and you are not surrounded by animals which means that you will have multiple activities in which you can enroll yourself and can kill the boredom to Maintain your Sanity . My dad used to say that you only get bored and go insane when you don?t want to do something. You just need to think and you will surely find a fun activity.

We all have experienced working from home and those who do freelancing and have been doing it even before the COVID pandemic must know that it’s not easy to work from home. There are times when you feel like not doing any work, unmotivated, lonely, and that affects your productivity. Every person has their own way to get out of this zone, which means that in the end, it?ll be you who will figure out all this like what are the activities in which you can enroll yourself and that can help you in keeping sane and healthy. Everything has its own pros and cons. The same goes for working from home. Where you see the cons of working from home, there are many pros also. You just need to make a routine and you?ll enjoy this process. We have done our research and the following are some tips that might help you to Maintain your Sanity while working from home.

Set Your Expectations- Maintain your Sanity?

When something different happens which we have never experienced, we start expecting from that. You need to understand that working from home under this pandemic situation is not as same as working from home in normal circumstances. People are dying in the world and it’s not easy to work under such situations plus scenarios in which you can not go out and meet your friends until they are vaccinated. There would be many people in your house with whom you will be spending most of your day and you might get distracted from working in such situations. Also, understand that you are not the only one who is going through this rough patch. All of your coworkers are facing the same situation. Adjust your expectations and don?t expect too much from yourself and even from your coworkers plus understand that this is a hard time and will end soon. If you are a manager or a supervisor, try to be an easier person to talk to so your agents can reach out to you if they face any mental health issues. Expect all the stuff that can give you a hard time but understand that you face hurdles when you are going through a pandemic.

Watch Movies or Play Games

Keep yourself entertained. Get a subscription to a streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon prime and try to watch a movie every day. You won?t get bored this way. Many people are into games and feel relaxed after playing games so if you have friends who play online games, consider yourself blessed and try to spend at least an hour doing such activities. You can also start watching TV series and can set a schedule that you?ll watch an episode or two of a specific season every day at a specific time. Make sure you have an internet connection that offers your reliable internet services as a bad internet connection gives you anxiety and trust me you will feel really frustrated if you are watching your favorite movie and it stops playing because your internet is down or you aren?t getting enough speed. Figure out your internet usage to make sure that everyone in your house gets enough speed so they can do their stuff. That is why you should always have services with trusted providers like Charter Spectrum. Even internet service providers know how important is the internet for people these days. With companies like Spectrum, you get access to multiple internet plans and can pick one that suits your needs and budget.

?Start your Day Right- Maintain your Sanity

How you start your day will define how you will spend your whole day. Try to wake up early in the morning rather than sleeping all day and working all night. That will give you depression. You will be sleep deprived and that will affect your health really bad and you will feel demotivated. To keep yourself motivated, wake up in the morning. Have a healthy breakfast. Go for a walk or a run or join a gym if you can. Many people work in bed which is not right. Get yourself dressed and work in an environment in which you don?t get cozy. Make a to-do list. Check your notifications and use social media for 15-20 minutes and then get back to work.

Create boundaries

Make boundaries for yourself for the sake of your work and that can be the most challenging task when you are working from home. When you know that you don?t have to go to the office or you don?t have to wake up in the morning to get yourself prepared for the office then you get distracted. The major distractions will be your family members who don?t work and they don?t understand that you can’t leave your work for them just because you are working from home. Define boundaries to yourself and to the people who you live with so you don?t get disturbed while you are working. The boundaries can be like not picking up the phone until it’s important, not going out just because someone is calling you, not using a cell phone while working. These are some of the things that you need to figure out and understand as these minor factors will affect your work in adverse ways. Set office hours, even if the office hours are not given to you by your office, and stick to them. Make a schedule for yourself, include breaks and follow that schedule.

Summing it up

The situation is getting better and it will get even better in the future and we all hope that this pandemic ends soon but till that make sure you do multiple fun activities and Maintain your Sanity and have a proper schedule that you follow to keep yourself sane and productive at the same time.