capital destination

4 different ways to sight-see your capital destination

City hopping or just leaving your own hometown for a few days, when visiting a new capital, it is always nice to find out the skylines, the churches, restaurants, cathedrals, and stores. From small cities to the bigger ones, when discovering a new city the streets might seem endless. Also, it is not rare to lose track of ways when wandering through the city. Therefore, we would like to give a few suggestions to discover the capital destination you are visiting in an efficient way. In this blog, you will know 4 different ways to sight-see your capital destination.


Perhaps you have seen them whizzing by lately, the Segway. Often it is possible to rent a Segway when visiting a capital. Sometimes a tour guide will lead you through the center, or you can discover the city yourself. Be aware, they might have more race pace than you expect!?

Hop on, hop off

It is red, sometimes two-layered and when you are lucky (and it does not rain) an open roof. Indeed, the red touring busses which will show you all the highlights of the capital you are visiting! The fun twist of using the bus, you can always hop on and hop off whenever you want. So, if you really like the cathedral, just hop off to see it and the following round you can hop on again.?

Renting a bike

Faster than walking, slower than using a car: the bike. It would be a great suggestion to rent the bike for a few days. The perfect solution to discover the city and having time for all the beautiful highlights. Thereby, when you rent the bike for more than one day, you don?t have to bring in the bike the same day so if you want, you can take it slowly. Therefore, it is also the best solution to go home when one drink accidentally becomes a few. Or, when the playing cards or online games come on the table and it is too late to take the taxi home.?

Tuk-tukking your way through!?

The tuk-tuk, originated in Japan and produced in Thailand a few years later, made its appearance in lots of cities over the past years. Often, the tuk-tuk is driven by a local driver and therefore it is a nice way to get guided by the tuk-tuk driver: he or she can show you all the nice spots and insides of the city. Also, the tuk-tuk tour is not very expensive, and you can make good arrangements with the driver about what you expect from him or her. For example, discuss on forehand where you would like to stop and maybe arrange one price for the whole day.?