Stone Slab Countertops

How to Get Good Value for Money When Buying Stone Slab Countertops

When it comes to dressing your counters in style, it doesn?t get much better than stone slab countertops. They are at the very top of the market in terms of quality and desirability and, there isn?t much that will beat them when it comes to looks, feel and durability so, it?s only fitting that the price should match right?? In this blog, you will know about how to get good value for money when buying stone slab countertops.

Spending a fortune the only option?

Fortunately, there are a variety of options for you to choose from, which means that, you don?t have to spend the earth in order to acquire countertops that are in the top league, here?s a quick look at the 5 most desirable stone slab countertops and what makes them so special;

  1. Granite

According to the experts and connoisseurs of precious stones, granite is the number one go to stone for those looking for the absolute pinnacle of stone countertops. Apparently, there isn?t another product on the market that will beat it for looks or style, perhaps they haven?t owned anything else, who knows? Once upon a time, because of its desirability the cost meant that granite stone countertops were only really found in the homes of the super-rich.?

As its popularity has grown, it has meant that prices have adjusted too and, it has become more affordable, presumably because it isn?t so ?exclusive? anymore. Nowadays you can get granite countertops at reasonable prices, in a wide variety of colours, however, before they are used as countertops, they require sealing which will need to be ?redone? as time passes by.?

  1. Quartzite

Very similar to granite in nearly every way, although it isn?t quite as popular which actually makes it more expensive. Although they may look the same, they are different in one particular area, their durability. Quartzite is actually a denser stone which makes it more durable than granite and less likely to chip.

  1. Dolomite

This brings us to the end of the ?top 3? natural stones, and, what sets them apart from one another and whilst Dolomite may seem even more similar to granite when you look at it as opposed to quartzite, it isn?t quite as strong as granite and is actually formed in a different way to both of the above which gives it a unique look, different to that of quartzite but again, more similar to granite however, it is more expensive because it?s less common so, it should, potentially add more value to your property.

  1. Marble

Marble is included here largely because it is regarded as a high-end design material. Marble has long been associated with wealth, having been employed in classical art and as an expensive construction material. Despite its popularity, it isn?t as durable as the top 3 so although it?s well known, it can chip.

  1. Engineered stone

Don?t be put off because engineered stone is in 5th position, it?s only here because its ?engineered? and not 100% natural. In terms of affordability, customizable options and its similarities when compared with the natural stones, it could easily be in the number one spot, especially if ?bang for buck? is part of the equation.