too much time online

Signs that you spend too much time online

It is common knowledge that people use social media more and more frequently, which results in consuming even three times more information daily in comparison to, e.g., the Ď60s. Sometimes this might mean that we spend way too much time looking at the screens of our computers or phones. This can lead to procrastination and dissatisfaction with your life. But how do you know if that is also your problem? What is more, the basic question remains – is Internet addiction as dangerous as we tend to believe? If you are not sure, you certainly should read about the Internet addictions symptoms, effects and ways of treatment.

How is your morning?

Think about your first minutes after waking up. Do you enjoy a cup of coffee, cuddle with your pet, meditate, or maybe you reach for your phone and binge-watch YouTube or Instagram? If thatís the case, it is one of the signs that you might spend too much online on a daily basis. This results in creating a very bad and problematic habit. People with this problem feel the need to be constantly informed about everything and to be easily entertained. This may become a very troublesome addiction because you spend your mornings procrastinating and elongate them. This can decrease your productivity and consume all your morning energy. Moreover, your brain had to consume all of that new information and is already tired or even exhausted. Thatís not a good way to start a new day.

A nuisance or entertainment?

If we talk about habits, you may catch yourself opening different apps like Instagram without even meaning to do that. Your thumb just automatically searches for the right button, and you find yourself scrolling through millions of photos once again. Then you might even have no recollection of how that could happen. This kind of behavior often occurs while doing your homework, answering emails from your job or when you were supposed to clean your house. This is how you might escape from your responsibilities. Even though social media might sometimes be good for your relaxation, being online during a task makes it way harder to complete. Your brain doesnít unwind while unconscious scrolling, it is only getting busier and busier with all those images and news.†

At some point, you can find yourself in a spot when you get anxious if you have no Internet connection. The idea of being offline might even lead to panic, as you are very reliant on what the Internet has to offer. Without it, a lot of activities are challenging or even impossible. You pay with your phone, make orders online, keep in touch with loved ones through texting apps and many more. You feel vulnerable when deprived of all of those possibilities. Moreover, most of us donít even know how to do many things without an Internet connection, even if they are quite easy. We got used to the Internet so much that this anxiety isnít anything surprising. We feel helpless and incapable of finding the solution on our own when in reality, it is nothing that should make us feel this way.

Should you throw your phone away?

Letís not get to such radical solutions, as yet. Being addicted to the online world is a problem, but it does not mean that every hour spent surfing the web makes you step closer to the disorder. Being online is a great way to gather information or simply entertain yourself, e.g., by playing Pragmatic Play slots on safe online gambling sites like Vegas Slots Online. The site lists and explains the most popular games from Pragmatic Play and helps you choose the one that suits your needs. If you remember to be careful, itís all fun. The point is, like with everything else, to stay cautious and keep in mind that it is not that hard to lose control. Especially when it is pleasant and rewarding.

All of those signs should make you rethink your habits. It might happen that you will get too reliant on the Internet without even realizing it. There is nothing to be worried about unless you feel incapable of changing those bad habits. Then, you should pay attention to your Internet consumption because you might be addicted. Taking a closer look at the first signs of online addiction can be the first step. This will help visualize the problem and get rid of it step by step. Observing your behavior and noticing when you repeat the pattern is the key to the change. You can also use this information to help people around you, your kids or your partner. Spending too much time online is ubiquitous and is present at every stage of life.