Smartwatches for Men

Luxury Smartwatches for Men

Nowadays, smartwatches have become more than just a simple accessory. For men especially, smartwatches are not just a timepiece anymore. Technology is always driven by progress, all these devices are even better every year. Now that most people depend on technology for their life and work, they have also started taking care of themselves more than usual. The trend of eating healthier and exercising more is continuously growing, so no wonder for the rise in smartwatch demand either.

Just buying a simple fitness band or cheap smartwatch will help you see the fitness levels or monitor the sleep sessions. If you?re more into hiking, a smartwatch will let you see your location on the map. Or just keep you notified on the track, without looking at the phone anymore. From texting, answering calls to receiving emails from this device, anything can be possible with the right smartwatch. Here we?ll offer you a full description of the most luxurious smartwatches for men so that you?ll decide on the best one for you.

Apple Watch 6 (Our top pick)

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The Apple smartwatch series has always been the best smartwatches on the market, so it will be the top watch for men. The latest model, number 6, is no different from its top-notch predecessors. More than having everything from Watch 5 and many new features, the design is again fantastic. Talking about features, for some people can be life-saving. The new and upgraded sensors make the Watch 6 the best health monitoring device on the market. On top of that, it integrates flawlessly in the Apple ecosystem and complements the other devices. For sure, this Apple product is a must for every man out there.

Siri is also available on this watch and can help you make calls with voice commands on it. Also, you?ll be able to verify your notification from the watch, so no more staying permanently on the phone. The faces of the phone can be also changed so that it matches your style best. With 18 hours of battery life and apps for life, this is the best choice you can make for a top luxurious smartwatch.


Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar (Best for sports and looks)

The 6x Pro Solar model From Garmin is something unique and astonishing. With a huge 1.4-inch display, it can charge from the sun, to give itself a power boost. The most popular and wanted features are here, like advanced and sleep pattern tracking. Other than those, it also has pulse ox and altitude acclimatization. For people who are more into a healthy lifestyle, it comes with pace advice and VO2 Max-bases estimates for efforts. Especially for the fans of ski, this watch has over 2000 preloaded resort maps. If you?re looking for the best sports tracking device that also looks good, this smartwatch is the right one for you.

The battery life is so big, that you?ll forget to charge it. The 21 days battery life is more than enough for this smartwatch to be charged once a month. Also, the military-grade resistance to water, shock, and temperature is a great plus for people who want to always wear it. With this smartwatch model, you?ll get the best of the Garmin products. This luxurious smartwatch for sports enthusiasts and professionals will meet all your expectations.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Best Android)

The new Samsung Galaxy? Watch 4 is a high-end product in the smartwatch industry. So there is no surprise in seeing this model here. Being a change of name from the previous model, Samsung Gear, this device has the performance of their top smartphones. The design of this new model is very elegant and sleek, and it?s coming in 4 different styles. The regular ones are the 44mm or 40 mm versions, or you can choose the thick 46mm or super discreet 42 mm. The charging is of course wireless and it features LTE connectivity with an intuitive touchscreen.?

Its smart features and top-notch functionality will be a great choice for Android users. Apart from daily tracking and heart monitoring, it also comes with a daily assistant. Also, the compatibility with third-party apps like Uber or Spotify is high, si expect many more loved apps from the phone. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is undoubtedly one of the best luxury smartwatches for men, especially android users.

Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire (Best of Garmin)

If you?re more into utilitarian devices, the smartwatch from Garmin, Fenix 6X Sapphire is the best choice for you. Its design says clearly that it is made to be worn outside. Supporting a healthy lifestyle, the Fenix 6X Sapphire has heart rate and body oxygen permanent monitoring. For the hikers, the altitude and acclimation features are also there. Training status, running, and cycling dynamics are just a few more benefits this smartwatch has. The creators of 6X have made this model the 5 one, but bigger and much better.?

The navigation capabilities are top-notch, this device creating hiking routes like they?re childrens? play. The always-on display function is now bigger by 18% and much better than the previous model. Being compatible with both iPhone and Android users, this Garmin model is a great choice for outdoor activities fans.

Montblanc Summit 2 (Luxury)

Montblanc is already known for its luxurious, high-end quality watches, but the Summit 2 model is even better, being a smartwatch. This classic design is for the people who want a stylish and elegant look but also has smart features on it. The materials are of course premium and the attention to detail is incredible, making this one watch a sleek timepiece. The band curves perfectly on the wrist, without leaving any gaps. And matched with a formal outfit, it won?t look out of place. The strap leather is very comfortable to wear and despite the minimalist look, this model has a big resistance to shocks and scratched,?

Even if it doesn?t come with a lot of apps, the system is fully customizable from the play store. The big AMOLED screen will be easy and perfect to look at. For gym workouts enthusiasts, the fitness tracking features will be more than enough. Montblanc Summit 2 is a timeless design luxury watch, sure to satisfy everyone?s taste.



Whether you?re into more formal smartwatches or devices that help you with outdoor activities, this article will help you make a decision. All of the watches described here have approximately the same features, with more performances if it?s a dedicated model. And for the design part, all of them for sure will suit anyone?s style.