Interior Design Tips for a Traditional-Style Home

5 Interior Design Tips for a Traditional-Style Home

If you’re contemplating how to decorate (or redecorate) your home, you should consider a traditional style. A traditional-style home is a classic choice because it tends to be both elegant and comfortable at the same time. And if you go about it the right way, you’ll feel like you’re living in luxury in no time. Here are five tips to help get you started. 

1. Get some throw pillows

Arranging a few throw pillows on the chairs or sofa in your living room can give your home the more refined feel that the traditional style aims to evoke. They don’t just have to be eye-candy either—with a little effort and comparison, you can track down legitimately soft, comfortable throw pillows that you’ll love to relax on.  

Throw pillows can also serve as an opportunity to add a unique creative touch to a room. The traditional style tends to be very predictable and uniform, but throw pillows are a small enough detail that you can do something bold with them. Buy throw pillows that have an interesting pattern or a strong accent color to add a glimmer of personality to the room. 

2. Use a neutral color scheme

When you’re coming up with the color scheme for a room in a traditional-style home, stick to a simple palette composed of a few neutral colors. Try painting the room white or beige, as these are two colors that commonly make up the foundation of a traditional-style room. 

There are a few reasons these colors are used so much. First, light shades tend to make the room feel larger and more open. Second, by painting the walls of a room white or beige, you’re essentially creating a blank canvas that allows the more colorful furnishings and artwork in the room to really pop. 

3. Utilize accent pieces

A traditional style can end up being stale and boring if you don’t put your own unique twist on it. While the base of the room should stick to a neutral color scheme, you can introduce bolder colors by accessorizing with accent pieces. 

Hang a piece of artwork that you like on the wall and complement with an ornate gilt frame to bring attention to it and provide it with a luxurious look. But if you want to go all out, a large indoor fountain at the foyer would be the perfect piece to add.Accessorize using pieces commonly found in traditional-style homes: vases, candelabras, small statues, bowls, and even books.

Using any of these pieces, you can bring your own sense of style to the room and emphasize the items that you want people to pay attention to. 

4. Embrace curved lines

One of the most important aspects of the traditional style is how the lines of your furnishings work within the room. You’ll want to decorate a room with furniture that mirrors the shape and style of 18th- and 19th-century European decor. 

A great example of this is Queen Anne style furniture, which was first developed in the early 18th century and is a style predominantly defined by cushioned seats, curved features, and wingback chairs. You may also search around for some antique pieces to furnish your room with. 

You may be able to find what you’re looking for by personally going to furniture stores, but you’ll find a greater selection of pieces online. Brands like Liberty Furniture offer a wide variety of curved pieces that fit perfectly inside a traditional style room. 

Embrace curved lines

5. Buy some flowers 

Filling a vase with flowers is a remarkably easy way to bring some class and color to a traditional-style room. Get a small plant or bouquet and place it on the mantle of your fireplace or on a side table in order to add a colorful accent to the room. 

However, you should also consider getting some flowers that make a statement. Large flower arrangements look fantastic in most traditional-style rooms. 

Put them on the coffee table in the living room or at the middle point of your dining room table. This will not only provide the room with a bold accent, it will center the space and give it a sense of balance. 

There’s a reason the traditional style has persisted in its popularity for over 300 years. It’s a luxurious look that you can put all sorts of personal touches and interesting spins on. By keeping these tips in mind, you can come up with your own variation of the traditional style that works for you.