Bathroom Shower Tile

Reasons Why Bathroom Shower Tile Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

One question that bothers every house owner is the material to use in the bathroom. This area needs special attention as it’s the area that will face the most wear and tear over time. It needs to face water damages and still needs to maintain an optimal grip for the users. 

The bathroom tiles have emerged as a viable option for this part. It has all the benefits you need plus a lot of others that can come in handy for long term usage. The following are some that should consider. 


The biggest benefit of using bathroom tiles is the design option that you get. Unlike the wooden or concrete floors, tiles don’t have any limitations in this section. You can get them in a solid color, patterns, matte finish, glossy look, and even mix style. 

Some bathroom shower tiles manufacturers also allow custom design for the users. You can send them a print out of the design or picture you want on the tiles, and they will create tiles with the same pattern. You can also use these tiles to create smaller sections of a large picture or collage for the walls. 

If you still want something more, there are also 3D tiles that you can consider. You can use these shower wall tiles to form beautiful sceneries or patterns on your walls. 

Water Resistance

A bathroom or shower means a lot of water damage. It can ruin concrete floors and penetrate the wood flooring to make it look bulgy. The damage is so high that you may have to change the floor after every few years. 

Tiles have no such problem. They have a glazed protective layer on their surface that prevents direct contact with water. The coating also helps to prevent permanent stains that may make your tiles dull over time. These tiles also have excellent resistance to temperature and humidity, making them a perfect option. 

Low Maintenance

The best part of tiles is that the only hard work you will be doing is for fixing them. Once the tiles are in place, you have to apply sealant, and it’s all good to go. The tiles have natural resistance that protects them from most external damage. 

You can easily clean them by simply wiping them with a clean cloth or wiper. Even if they are stained, a mild solution will be good enough to clean them. The only thing you need to worry about is the sealant. So, the only tough maintenance you will do after fixing the tiles will be filling the sealant every 4-5 years.  


The bathroom shower tiles are available in several different ranges of color, texture, and finishes. Each of these sets will have a different price range and installation cost. It means you will have complete control over the investment in your flooring. For instance, if you go for plain tiles, your price will be minimized while something like a stone look shower tile will cost you slightly more.

However, in a long-term usage and according to the resale value, tiles are the cheapest option for you.  Their low maintenance and easy installation further add to the benefits, making them worth every penny. 

Long Life

Ceramic is a durable material, and the added layers further add to its natural durability. The tiles you get offer extremely high resistance to damage, wear, and staining. They can stay on the wall or floor for a long time without looking old or dull. 

So, unless you drop a heavy object on them, they will be there for several years to come. The best part is that even if you somehow damage them, you don’t have to change the whole floor or wall tiles. You have to find a tile of the matching batch and replace only the damaged piece. 

Final Words

Shower tiles are a versatile option for flooring and walls in your home. They are durable, beautiful, and complete value for money. There is no reason not to prefer them over other flooring material unless it’s your personal choice. But still, it’s an excellent investment, and you must consider it an option while renovating or designing your dream home.