Luxurious on a Budget

How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious on a Budget

Decorating a new home can be overwhelming. You want beautiful decor, stylish furniture, and an overall sense of Luxurious on a Budget. without breaking the bank. By using a few budget-friendly tips, this seemingly impossible task can be accomplished by anyone (without an interior decorator or a stack of cash). 

Read on for some affordable design staples that will take any space from lackluster to lavish.

“Marble” Countertops

A classic dilemma: you find the perfect home: it’s affordable, spacious, everything you want. 

But there’s only one problem: the kitchen is hideous

Outdated countertops can turn the ideal home into an 80s sitcom set. If your perfect home came with a not-so-perfect kitchen, use PVC decals to spruce up old countertops in a cheap and easy way. Simply peel the backing off the sticker, lay it flat on the counter and BAM—you have the marble kitchen of your dreams. 

Home Improvement Tip #1: Prevent air bubbles from forming under the decal by sliding a flat tool across the sticker as you lay it down—like a spackle tool or a ruler. 

Canvas Picture Prints

Flat wall hangings look exactly like they sound: flat. If you want to add an extra touch of luxury to your home, try a more three-dimensional approach. Thick canvas picture prints are an affordable way to add flare to any room that’s both rustic and affluent. Raw canvas will make your room feel like an art gallery, and draw people’s attention to the walls. 

Nowdays people say that vintage is the new luxury so you can also consider haning vintage wall decor to bring that luxurious look on another level.

Home Improvement Tip #2: Opt for a black border wrap on the canvas for a sleeker look. The details around the edges will appear more seamless. 


Matching Furniture

An easy way to make cheap furniture appear luxurious is to pick a theme and match everything to it. Mismatched furniture pieces may be quirky and comfortable, but if you’re opting for a more sophisticated look, matching is the way to go. 

Pick a neutral color and texture (e.g. black leather) and then find a few pieces in that style. Try to have variety in the sizes, such as a couch paired with a loveseat or a recliner. Even the cheapest furniture is going to look more expensive if it’s matching.

Home Improvement Tip #3: For added variation, choose an accent color for some of your smaller furniture pieces, like selecting a wooden side table to complement your navy couch. This will add contrast to the room and highlight each piece—preventing everything from blending together. 

Fresh Flowers

One of the most affordable ways to spruce up any room is to fill it with fresh flowers. Flowers have the power to brighten neutral-toned rooms with their marvelous colors. They also add a wonderful smell and liveliness to any space. 

Match your flowers to the undertone of your room. Cooler-toned flowers like lilacs will go well with sleek black and slate gray palettes, while warm-toned flowers like marigolds will pair nicely with beige and brown furniture. 

Even a cheap, glass vase will give your flowers a touch of elegance and thoughtfulness. Who says flowers are only for special occasions?

Home Improvement Tip #4: Add a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of bleach to the water in your vase. The vinegar will help keep the flowers alive, and the bleach will keep the water from getting murky.

Mirrored Accent Pieces

While an entirely metallic home is going to look more Space Mountain than spacious, using mirrored decor sparingly can make a room feel bright, big, and elegant. This can be done with furniture, like a mirrored end table, or with something even smaller, like a tray for toiletries or the base of a lamp. 

If you want a DIY project, consider purchasing metallic PVC decals. These can be glued to an accent piece to increase its face value. 

Home Improvement Tip #5: Multiple small mirrors will open up the room more effectively than one large mirror. Large mirrors can be pricey, so save your money and invest in smaller metallic pieces that can be placed throughout the house.

Mount Your Television

This trick is particularly simple because it involves something you probably already have in your home: your television. If you want your room to appear more Luxurious on a Budget, consider tossing your TV stand and opt for a mounted television. 

A mounted television creates more space in your room and gives off home theater vibes. Even an affordable television on the smaller side will appear high-tech when flush against the wall. Mounting your television can be done yourself with a mount and a drill. 

Simply mark and drill your holes where you want the television to hang, attach the mounting bracket (which can be purchased for as little as $10), and attach the television. 

Home Improvement Tip #6: Sit down before deciding where to place the television. If you eyeball the height while standing, it may be too high and uncomfortable to watch when you’re seated. The goal of this trick is to get the television at a comfortable height so everyone in the room can view and enjoy. 

Achieve Luxurious on a Budget

Don’t let “Million Dollar Homes” fool you into believing you need copious amounts of money for a Luxurious on a Budget home. By simply implementing these affordable tips, your home can be transformed into a place of style and comfort. With a little decorating knowledge, proper use of space, and some DIY elements, even the least expensive decor can be absolutely stunning.