Liquid Chlorophyll

Is Tik Tok’s Liquid Chlorophyll the Health Cure-All? Experts Say Not Likely

Tiktok is a hub. Some people entertain, some educate, and some spread scams. Some people are soo obsessed with people over the internet that they blindfold logic and walk like sheep towards these trends. One such trend is Tiktok’s liquid chlorophyll challenge that claims to help people lose weight, fight acne, and be energetic. No matter how hard you try, the idea of following the trend will strick your mind once. Before you get up from your TikTok scrolling spot to try out the trend, you should know if it works or not. So let’s talk about this miracle weight loss potion before you are ready to take up this challenge. 

What Is Liquid Chlorophyll?

Liquid chlorophyll is a plant pigment that gives them the green color. This pigment plays an important role during photosynthesis because it traps the sunlight necessary for the plant to survive. All the green vegetables that we eat to the non-eatable plants have chlorophyll in them. Some examples are kale, potatoes, sprouts, algae, and spinach. Chlorophyll drops you see over the internet are not pure chlorophyll but contain water-soluble chlorophyll named chlorophyllin. Chlorophyllin contains sodium and copper salts along with pure chlorophyll. The changes are made in chlorophyll because this version is readily absorbed by the body.

What Are The Health Benefit Claims Of Chlorophyll?

Let’s discuss the health benefits claims of chlorophyll and if it can be a part of your weight loss recipe or not. Here are some of them mentioned:

Weight Loss

There are claims of weight loss with the use of supplements containing chlorophyll. Green plants are recommended for healthy weight loss, and chlorophyll is a vital ingredient in those plants. At present, there is no solid study to prove this claim, but people who took chlorophyll supplements for three months straight did notice results. They saw decreased cravings for food with high calories. Thereby reducing their daily calorie consumption. 

Acne Prevention 

The other claims that come over are chlorophyll helping prevent acne. People suffering from acne problems can drink chlorophyll to impede acne and pimples. It may have some benefits for your skin, but there is no research to prove this claim again. 

Prevents Body Odour

It may help prevent the body odor that comes due to sweating. There are claims over TikTok that after taking chlorophyll they noticed that their sweat had no smell. There may be some truth in this claim, but the end result of this research is still not clear. 

Immunity Boost

Chlorophyll has antioxidants to protect the body from cellular damage against free radicals. It is associated with boosting immunity and helps keep the diseases away. This claim is based on animal studies, and the results haven’t been studied on humans as of now.


There are claims over the internet that chlorophyll water is best for detoxification. It helps remove toxins accumulated in the body by binding with them. It helps maintain good gut health, promoting a proper balance of good and bad bacteria. This also helps in food digestion. 

Blood Building Properties

The chemical structure of chlorophyll is similar to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein and essential component of red blood cells. It is responsible for carrying the oxygen around the body needed for carrying out the vital life process. Chlorophyll drink can be an effective method to treat problems like anemia because of having a similar chemical structure to that of hemoglobin. 

No Solid Evidence

The trends may bombard you with information about chlorophyll that is not genuine. Here are some areas where there is no solid evidence for chlorophyll to be used as a cure for diseases. 

  • Cancer.
  • Metabolic disorder.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Sepsis.
  • Herpes.
  • Leukopenia.
  • Inflammation.
  • Arthritis.
  • Tuberculosis. 

Can I Try Using Chlorophyll? 

Humans don’t need chlorophyll actually, but if you want to try, there is no harm. You can get your dose of chlorophyll from green veggies and is sufficient. Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables like spinach, sprouts, lettuce, etc. There is no toxic effect on the body but may have some possible side effects like mild stomach pain. 


Tiktok is full of trends, and people do whatever it takes to get popular there. They may come up with new trends without any solid evidence and guide people off-track. Trends like adding lemon to coffee or using liquid chlorophyll for weight loss. has revealed the truth behind the effectiveness of these trends. They may all look effective on-screen, but there is no evidence to support these claims. It’s better to stay off-shore than to jump in the pool of trends. If your weight loss concern is big, try making lifestyle changes from the food you eat to your activities. Add supplements to your diet that works and exercise. Refrain from trends over the internet and always check trusted sources before falling for the claims.