is cucumber a fruit

Is Cucumber a Fruit or a Vegetable or Both?

Do you wonder is cucumber a fruit or vegetable? Well, a cucumber is both fruit and vegetable. There are two types of classifications regarding cucumber: Botanical Classification and Culinary Classification. According to botanical classification, cucumber is a fruit, but cucumber is a vegetable according to culinary classification.

Cucumber has an amazing taste. It contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Therefore, it will keep you healthy. Moreover, it also includes a high amount of water, keeping you hydrated. We provide more information about “is cucumber a fruit” in this article. If you want to know more about “is cucumber a fruit” then you must read our article till last.

Is cucumber a fruit

You can say cucumber, a fruit scientifically because it is a plant part that contains the fruit seeds and develops from the plant’s flower. But cooks inside the kitchen say cucumber is a vegetable.

The taste and texture of the fruits are sweet and soft. They have a different flavor than the vegetables. You can use the fruits in jams, desserts, and smoothies.

But the taste and texture of the vegetables are bitter and hard. You can use the vegetables in soups and savory dishes. Hence, the cooks inside the kitchen consider the cucumber as a vegetable. Cucumber contains a low amount of sugar, and you can use it in savory dishes more.

It hardly matters whether cucumber is a fruit or vegetable. It would be best to eat the amazing cucumbers regularly because they have high nutritional value and other benefits. Cucumber is the best snack for your summer as it contains low amounts of calories and a high amount of water.

There are many different varieties of cucumber. You can divide the cucumbers into two groups. They are pickling and slicing. You will find that slicing groups of the cucumber are 12 inches maximum in length. You can enjoy this cucumber group on salads and sandwiches. But pickling groups of cucumbers are very short in size; they are 6 inches maximum.

is cucumber a fruit

The varieties of cucumber are as follows:

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Benefits of cucumber

You get a lot of benefits if you consume cucumbers daily. So, it would help if you ate cucumbers to stay in good health. There are several important benefits of cucumber. They are as follows:

High nutritional value

Cucumbers contain a high amount of minerals and vitamins. You will get 45 grams of calories, 11 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, 14% of the RDI vitamin C, 10% of the RDI magnesium,62% of the RDI vitamin K, 12% of the RDI manganese, 13% of the RDI potassium from one raw, unpeeled cucumber of 300 gram.

Moreover, cucumbers contain high amounts of water. You will get 96% of the water from a cucumber. If you want to get the high nutrition of the cucumbers, then you have to eat it unpeeled. The fiber, minerals, and vitamins in the cucumbers are lower if you peel them.

Promotes hydration

Water is necessary for your body. It helps you regulate temperature and transport your body’s nutrients and waste products. You need to hydrate your body properly for your metabolism and other physical activities. Cucumber contains 96% of water, so it can keep your body hydrated and fulfill your fluid needs.


Cucumbers contain high amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants will help to protect you from various diseases. Cucumbers have antioxidant properties like tannins and flavonoids, which allow you to stay healthy.

Weight loss

If you eat cucumbers regularly, then you will lose weight. The high amount of water present will help you to lose weight. It contains low amounts of calories. You will get 16 calories only from 104 grams and 45 calories only from 300 grams of cucumber.

You can eat a lot of cucumbers without the fear of gaining weight. Moreover, you can make sandwiches, fresh salads, and many other delicious side dishes from cucumbers.

Promote regularity

Cucumbers will help you in your bowel function regularity. You will remain hydrated if you eat cucumber, and it will keep you away from constipation problems. The presence of pectin fiber in the cucumbers makes your bowels clear regularly and increases their frequency. Moreover, pectin also helps to make your digestive health better.

Decrease blood sugar

Cucumber will help you to control and decrease your blood sugar level. Moreover, it will also reduce your oxidative stress and protect you from diabetes complications.

Simple for your diet

You can add cucumber to your diet and enjoy it. You can use its amazing flavor to make sandwiches, salads, and more. If you want to add more flavor, you can pair the cucumbers with salt, hummus, salad, and olive oil.

is cucumber a fruit

Cucumber recipe

There are several recipes for cucumbers. Cucumber recipes are amazing. You can try to make delicious cucumber recipes for your evening snacks. We are sharing one cucumber recipe here :

Easy Cucumber Salad: The Easy Cucumber Salad is a very tasty recipe. You need a total of 3 hours 10 minutes to make this recipe. Prepare this recipe for your family and friends. Enjoy it with the main course food during your lunch, dinner, or in your snacks.

The ingredients required for cooking Easy Cucumber Salad

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The process for cooking Easy Cucumber Salad

Step 1

Firstly, take a big bowl and put the sliced cucumbers in it.

Step 2

Then, add some salt to the cucumbers and wait for 1 hour.

Step 3

After that, you have to drain the liquids and put the sliced onions in the bowl.

Step 4

Now, please take a little saucepan and put it on high heat.

Step 5

Then, add sugar, water, and white vinegar to the saucepan. Mix well together for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Step 6

After that, add the onions and cucumbers to the saucepan. Blend all the things well together. Turn off the heat and take out the saucepan from heat.

Step 7

Now, you have to wrap the whole thing with plastic and put it inside the refrigerator. Wait for at least 1 hour for refrigeration.

Step 8

Finally, the Easy Cucumber Salad is ready to serve. Enjoy the food with your guests and family. You can serve the salad both at room temperature and cold.

Is cucumber a vegetable

Is cucumber a fruit or vegetable? It is confusing whether a cucumber is a vegetable or not. There are various ways to understand whether cucumber is a fruit or vegetable. There are several points of view regarding ” is cucumber a fruit  or vegetable.” They are as follows:

If you go to the supermarket, you will find cucumbers with the other vegetables in the vegetable section. So, according to the cultural view, cucumber is a vegetable.

All the things of herbaceous plants are vegetables, and all woody plants are fruits. You will find cucumbers on herbaceous plants. So, according to the horticultural view, cucumber is a vegetable.

During vegetable cultivation, the end of the plant happens after harvesting. But cucumber is an annual cucumber plant fruit. So, according to another horticultural view, cucumber is a vegetable.

All the things that you eat as the main course food are vegetables. But all the things that you eat as dessert are fruits. You can eat the delicious cucumber whenever you want throughout the day. But we eat the cucumbers mostly in the main course. So, according to the culinary view, cucumber is a vegetable.

You will find the flowers, stems, fruits, and leaves in the vegetables. The fruit contains seeds, and it develops from the plant’s flower. So, according to all botanists’ views, cucumber is not a vegetable but a fruit.

Vegetables that are fruits

Do you know that numerous vegetables are fruits? Well, we are sharing some of the fruits actually with you. They are as follows:


Tomatoes are both fruits and vegetables. There are several points of view regarding tomatoes. According to the declaration of the Supreme Court in 1893, tomatoes are vegetables. But according to the botanists’ theory, tomatoes are fruits. You can eat the vegetables raw or cooked as the main food or the main food. But you can eat the fruits as desserts.


Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables? It isn’t easy to understand whether pumpkins are fruits or vegetables. Technically, you will find that pumpkins are fruits because they have seeds.


You may become confused that peppers are fruits or vegetables. Peppers can be both fruits and vegetables. According to many views, all kinds of peppers are fruits. They are fruits because they fit with the fruit’s texture.


Peas are vegetables that are fruits. Technically, pods are fruits because they have seeds inside. But the peas are vegetables. Pea plants use peas for reproduction.


Is cucumber a fruit? There are different points of view regarding whether cucumber is a fruit or vegetable. Cucumbers are fruits because they contain seeds inside them, but some may consider the cucumbers as vegetables also inside the kitchen.

String beans

Most people think that string beans are vegetables. String beans are among the best vegetables of Americans. They contain seeds inside. So, they are fruits.


What do you think eggplants are fruits or vegetables? Eggplants can be both fruits and vegetables. Technically, eggplants are fruits because they fit with the fruit texture. Eggplants are also known as berries.


Okras are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. It is a very nutritious fruit for you. Okras are fruits because they fit with the fruit’s texture.


What do you think eggplants are fruits or vegetables? Eggplants can be both fruits and vegetables. Technically, eggplants are fruits because they fit with the fruit texture. Eggplants are also known as berries.


You may not think that olives are fruit. But olives fit with the fruit texture. Olives are known as stone fruits such as dates, mangoes, and peaches.


Corn is a vegetable inside your kitchen. But it is not correct if you consider it scientifically. Corn contains seeds in it. Corn plants use its seed for reproduction. It is a type of dry fruit!


You may think of avocados as vegetables. But avocados are not vegetables. They contain a single seed inside. So, they are fruit berries.


Zucchini is not a vegetable. It contains seeds in it. So, it is a kind of berry just similar to pumpkins and cucumbers.


Chickpeas are also not vegetables. You will not find the chickpeas in the pods. They are just similar to beans and peas. Hence, chickpeas are fruits.


Are the beans fruits or vegetables? This thing can make you wonder. Beans are similar to peas. They contain seeds inside their pods. So, beans are fruits.

We have mentioned “is cucumber a fruit” in this article simply. Hopefully, our article “is cucumber a fruit” will help you understand the kinds and types of cucumbers.