Cucumber Nutrition Facts, Benefits and Side Effects

Cucumber Nutrition Facts, Benefits and Side Effects

Cucumber is a super fruit that hardly doctors restrict anyone from consuming. The cucumber nutrition facts are massive, which makes it such an outstanding food. You can get rid of many of your illnesses and cure several complex problems by consuming cucumber. Are you wondering what they are? Well we will give you a vivid idea about cucumber nutrition facts, benefits, side effects and much more! So hang in there if cucumbers are your favorite fruit and you are eager to know all its goodness.

How good are cucumbers?

Cucumber is a notable fruit, which comes from the Cucurbitaceae family. Many people consider it as a vegetable as well for its unique presence in several culinary dishes. The fruit is packed with a handful of beneficial factors and contains a decent wellspring of water.

The antioxidants present in cucumber can hydrate you and control your hunger. Likewise, diminishing your glucose levels and advanced weight reduction are the reasons that this fruit is so popular. In addition, cucumber nutrition facts are massive, so it cures grave health issues and forestalls unpleasant mouth odor. Along with that, the ascorbic and caffeic acid present in this fruit aids in reinforcing your teeth, nails and bones.

Cucumber nutrition facts

Cucumber nutrition facts are massive, and it is excellent for our wellbeing. But not all of us are not well aware of it, and there are constant questions people come up with regarding cucumber nutritional value. So, if you are also among them, check out the list below:


Iron is present in cucumber in large amounts. You require iron in your body to boost your immunity power. Plus, it also treats sleeping disorders, exhaustion and increases hemoglobin levels.

Vitamin C

The antioxidants present in vitamin C keep you away from several illnesses. For example, it helps boost the immune system. Further, it keeps you away from heart illnesses, manages blood pressure and sugar levels. Moreover, vitamin C also helps to increase iron absorption.


Our hair and nails are made from protein. And to keep them in good health, your diet must adequately supply you will protein. It plays a vital role in your body to create essential chemicals, hormones, and enzymes fundamental for our body’s wellbeing.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential to maintain our eyes. It can forestall vision issues caused by age and night visual deficiency. It additionally forestalls the risk of cancer and lessens your danger of having skin inflammation.


We get sodium from cucumbers. This presence helps your muscles withdraw and manage liquids in your body. But, all the more, sodium also has a purpose in lessening glucose levels.


Among the vast cucumber nutrition facts, calcium is also one of them. It can strengthen your bones and keeps them in good health. Calcium is also vital for the wellbeing of nerves, mussels and heart that we can get from cucumber.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K mainly helps us in blood clots. For this vitamin, your wounds heal quickly. Also, vitamin K is vital for bone health. We get a good amount of vitamin K in cucumber that you utilize as dietary supplements.

Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is essential for your gut to work better and also control blood sugar levels. This is also helpful in decreasing bad cholesterol levels and assist in weight reduction.

Other than these cucumber nutrition factsit also has potassium, folate, magnesium and beta carotene. And the good news is, there is almost no fat in cucumber!

Cucumber on bread

Cucumber benefits

Now that you know the cucumber nutrition value let us check out the benefits it offers. Here is a list of cucumber benefits you can avail yourself of:

Forestalls heart sicknesses

The minerals and nutrients present in cucumber can keep your heart healthy. If your body inclines towards any sickness, the anti-inflammatory property of cucumber can keep you away from them.

The presence of potassium and magnesium in cucumbers helps keep your blood pressure rate stable by improving the neurological system. Moreover, cucumber supports your immunity system well and diminishes any danger of coronary disease.

Helps in hydration

In sweltering, muggy summers, you would get dried out quicker, and you would look for water frequently to get relief. Thus, you can simply munch some cucumber, and this will get the job done.

The fruit will not just keep you hydrated all day, but also you will feel full. So if you want to reduce, add this to your eating routine, and it will accelerate your weight reduction process.

You can have a bowel disorder with symptoms like constipation or diarrhea. Both these can be a result of your body drying out. So, the high water content in cucumber can help you get rid of this problem in no time.

Diminishes chances of diabetes

Diminishing your danger of diabetes and keeping your glucose levels in control is another benefit that you can avail. Moreover, a study suggested that diabetes can be brought down and controlled by having cucumber. This is a direct result of its substance of high fiber that guides in bringing down glucose levels.

Cucumbers have no starch, making them the most preferable and beneficial fruit for diabetes. If you have a fruit-like cucumber in the moment of hunger, it will help make you full. Moreover, it will look after your glucose levels. In addition, the water and fiber present in cucumber make them a portion of healthy food for diabetic people.

Helps in weight reduction

Cucumber controls your hunger by giving you a sensation of fullness. And it remains helpful in weight reduction because it has fewer calories. It is proven medically that, from a cup of cucumber, we only absorb 16 calories which are quite low. And it is great to add to your weight reduction diet.

So, you can munch on cucumbers, which will give you great results in your weight reduction process. Additionally, the higher water substance of cucumber is another specialist that will help in weight reduction.

May help forestall diverticulitis

Diverticular illness is a severe aggravation of the colon that occasionally requires hospitalization. It has been stated that consuming fiber from leafy foods, vegetables, and fruits reduce the probability of diverticulitis. So, it is quite evident that cucumber is a great inclusion in your diet.

Useful for eyes

The anti-inflammatory substance of cucumber helps in great vision and forestall cataracts. In addition, cucumbers possess antioxidants that help you fight these problems and also helps your eyes in hydration.

Keeps skin healthy

Vitamin E assumes a significant part in improving your skin health. It accelerates collagen production, which can naturally bring brightness to your skin by reducing wrinkles and aging signs.

Plus, the vitamin C present in cucumbers lights up your skin tone and gives you even-toned and bright skin. So you can add cucumber to your diet for improved and supple skin.

Forestalls malignancy

Cucumber comprises caffeic corrosive, cucurbitacins and lutein. All of these are anti-cancerous and can keep you away from the dangers of creating malignant growth.

So, cucumber consumption will help support your insusceptibility and eradicates free radicals from your body that can cause malignancy. Besides, adding cucumber to your eating regimen can save you from various types of cancer; be it lung, uterine or prostate cancer.

Bones and nails health

The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid present in cucumber fortify our bones, tendons and ligaments. In addition, cucumber’s presence of silica helps in framing connective tissue and strengthens our bones. However, the overall wellbeing of bone is maintained by silicon, vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin B5 and vitamin C.

Useful for hair

Blend some cucumber and add some water to it and delicately knead your scalp with it. This mask will give your dry hair an instant shine. It will reinforce your scalp and keep it sound. For quicker hair development and forestalling hair fall, this cucumber paste will work like magic. Other than using this home remedy, you can just munch on cucumber and avail yourself of its benefits.

Helps in digestion

We all know that foods that are a good fiber resource are great to keep your gut healthy. So for a normal bowel system, you need to add cucumber to your eating routine. This will assist you with having good defecations. In addition, the enzyme ‘trypsin’ present in cucumber can boost up your digestion process—also, the high water content aids in mellowing your stools.

Tortilla with cucumber

Side effects of cucumber

Even though the cucumber benefits are massive, they might have some side effects. So, let us check out what happens if you have cucumber in excessive amounts:

Can be toxic

The toxins that are present in cucumber can be a factor of worry. For these toxins, this healthy food can sometimes react badly. Eating cucumbers more than we should can cause a serious threat.

Fluid loss

Cucumber contains diuretic properties. Even though it is in minimum quantities, it can react adversely if you consume in large amounts. When not taken in a moderate quantity, it can cause excessive loss of fluid from our body. Further, this can hamper our balance of electrolyte. And lastly, it can lead to dehydration.

Renal system damage

If potassium levels become high in your body, it can cause Hyperkalemia and can leave a harmful effect over time. Since we get potassium from cucumbers, excessive consumption can cause Hyperkalemia. It can lead to intestinal gas, abdominal cramps, bloating and even can cause damage to the kidney. Additionally, it affects your rental system also.

Allergic to milk

To protect these fruits from insects, sometimes farmers use wax to protect them from damage when they are shipped. People who have an allergy to milk can face a problem by having these cucumbers. This is because the wax is prepared with many ingredients, among which milk is the main component.

Allergic reaction

Studies have shown that humans can be allergic to cucumbers. So people who are allergic to melons or seeds can have the same allergy towards cucumber. However, they can have zucchini as an alternative. Even cooking and grilling the cucumber can be great to avoid such allergic reactions.

Aggravates sinusitis

Sinusitis is a chronic respiratory disease, which cucumber can worsen. In addition, cucumber has a cooling effect for the presence of water in it. Further, this which can aggravate the disease and complicate it.

Types of cucumbers

Cucumbers come in different varieties. The names vary depending on where they are grown. Let us check out what the types of cucumbers are:

  • English or European cucumber is the most common one. They generally grow in a hot atmosphere. The price of this cucumber can be slightly higher than the other ones.
  • Snake Melon or snake cucumber are common terms of cucumber, which are the Armenian cucumber. They are quite long and have a darker shade of green.
  • Kyuri cucumber is often called the Japanese cucumber. It has thin skin, and they are dark and long.
  • Kirby cucumbers are another type that is mainly utilized for pickles. They also have thin skin and are pretty crunchy.
  • Persian cucumbers are similar to American cucumbers, but they are a little bit compact. It comes in a short and fat shape.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the cucumber nutrition facts and its benefits and side effects.

You know that cucumber digests easily, and it also gives you a sensation of fullness. So eating cucumber at any time of the day can be beneficial.

To reap maximum benefits we can prepare a salad, make a sandwich, or just eat it like other fruits.

But remember eating a lot in one day cannot give you all the benefits at one time. In fact, it can be harmful. So eat it daily in a moderate amount which will help you.