Chicken Corn Chowder

Chicken Corn Chowder Recipes to Try at Home

What can be better than freshly made chicken corn chowder soup if you love soup in your meal? This deliciously creamy soup will make you and your loved ones’ meal even more smooth, just like the soup. You might think this soup is tough to make, and the restaurant variants are not healthy. Then you don’t need to worry about this; this post will describe making different varieties of chowder soup. You can make the soup in your kitchen and surprise your friends and family with your cooking skills.

Chicken Corn Chowder recipes

Here are some recipes you ought to try:

Chicken Corn Chowder with bacon recipe

Who doesn’t like thick and creamy soup with crispy bacon? If this sounds interesting, you must try the chicken corn chowder soup with crisp and crunchy bacon. And the good news is you don’t have to visit any restaurant to try this lip-smacking preparation. You can make this soup all by yourself and that too in a healthier way.

So to make this dish, you need a slow cooker or a pot in which you can make the soup. To make this soup perfectly, you need this kind of pot. With that being said, let’s learn how to make this thick chowder soup with crispy bacon.


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Steps to make the soup

Firstly, you need to dice the bell paper, onion, and carrots. It would be best if you peeled the carrots first before chopping. Also, the potatoes need to be peeled and diced. After you are done with the chopping part, then you can proceed with the cooking part.

You can do the cooking either in a slow cooker or in an instant pan. In this article, you are going to learn both of the methods.

Slow cooker chicken corn chowder recipe

Step 1

First, you need to stir fry the chicken pieces in a pan with your oil choice. When you see that the chicken is changing its color to a golden brown, you can remove it from the oven and transfer it into the slow cooker.

Step 2

After this, you need to take the diced onion, potatoes, carrots and bell peppers, chicken broth, corn, corn cream, cheese, and garlic (fresh or chopped) and transfer them into the slow cooker with the chicken.

Step 3

After that, stir well to mix everything and cover the lid. Now in this stage, you can cook the soup in both your slow cooker’s high and low settings. For high settings, the cooking time should be no more than three to four hours, and for the low settings, the cooking time should be between six to eight hours.

Step 4

You need to check the soup before 45 minutes of final cooking time. The first thing you need to check is the potatoes. If the potatoes are tender and the chicken becomes soft, you can stir the soup to mix these entire well. You need to mix the cornstarch or flour with the milk in a separate bowl and pour it into the soup. This is a critical process to make the chicken corn chowder thick and creamy. Mix the mixture in the soup and cover the lid to allow the soup to become thick. Here, you need to set up your slow cooker to a higher setting.

Step 5

At the final stage, use a masher to mash the potatoes. This will make the soup more thick and creamy. Finally, you can have the soup, but before that, you need to prepare the bacon. Fry the bacon until it becomes crispy. Then add the bacon into the soup as a condiment. You can season the soup with salt and black pepper as per your taste. This is the best way to make slow cooker chicken corn chowder at home.

Alternatively, you can make this soup in an instant pot. The outcome will come just like a slow cooker. The ingredients will be the same.

Chicken Corn Chowder

Instant pot chicken corn chowder recipe

To make this soup in an instant pot, you need to follow different steps than the previous one.

Firstly, you need to stir fry or sauté the bacon and chicken on the high setting. Remember, you need to prepare the chicken and bacon separately, and you should keep them aside after draining all the excess oil with a piece of paper.

After that, you need to add the diced onion, bell pepper, corn, creamed corn, chicken broth, chicken, potatoes, and half of the bacon in the pot and mix them well.

Next, you need to close the lid of the pot and put it on the valve. After ten minutes, you need to remove the pot from the flame and release the pressure as per safety instructions. Then put the flame in high settings and set the soup on flame. Then add the cornstarch and milk mixture to make the soup thick. Mix the whole thing and wait for another five to six minutes. After that, use a masher to mash the potatoes and season their soup with salt and black pepper. Also, add the remaining bacon to the chicken corn chowder. Now it is ready to enjoy.

Various methods can make chicken corn chowder. Many countries and communities modified this soup as per their taste. But among them, the Mexican variant of this chowder soup became more popular. The recipe for Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder soup is not as hard as it sounds like. You can learn to make this soup in your home with easy methods.


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Step 1

First, you need to stir fry the chicken and then onion and garlic in butter in a frying pan. Make sure that all the ingredients become brown. Once done, you can remove the frying pan from the oven and keep all the fried ingredients aside. You should drain the excess oil from the fried chicken and vegetables. This will make the soup less oily, which will make the chicken corn chowder healthy.

Step 2

After frying all the ingredients, you need to prepare the base of the soup. For that, you need to make the broth of the chicken. Here you can use ready-made chicken broth, which is available in the market. Or you can dissolve some chicken bouillons in water and boil that to make the chicken broth. After boiling the chicken broth, you need to season it with cumin and simmer for 5 to 8 minutes on low heat.

Step 3

After that, you need to add the cream, cheese, corn, and other ingredients to the soup. Then you need hot pepper sauce in the bowl.

Step 4

In the final step, you need to wait until the cheese melts. Then you can enjoy the soup with salt and black pepper.

Chicken Corn Chowder

Reasons to make homemade soup

Many products are available in the market that demand to be the best and authentic chowder soup mix. Many Chicken Corn Chowder canned soup recipes say that they have not added any artificial substances. But most of these products have some harmful preservatives and chemicals to make the shelf life increased. The best way to have the soup is by making it yourself from scratch, as you have already learned the recipes. But if you want to make the soup without any trouble in a perfect way, you can find some products in the market. While most of these products are not suitable for your health, you can find some natural ones.

Some of these products come in cans filled with concentrated soup. You need to add the required water to it and boil it for some time in a saucepan or any bowl. Also, some manufacturers make soup powder mixtures which are even much easier to prepare. But as you know already, these soups have some preservative and harmful things which can be bad for your health. It is always helpful for you to check the ingredients of the soup and the nutritional factors before you buy any of these products. In this way, you can ensure the safety of your health.

Many people confuse chicken corn chowder with cream of chicken soup. Though both of the soups look precisely the same and the way of preparation is almost the same. But if you think about what makes the difference between these two soups, the answer will be the ingredients. While preparing chicken corn chowder, you will need some corn kernels and cream of corn; the cream of chicken soup needs peas and flour. Now you can differentiate chicken corn chowder with cream of chicken soup.

You have learned how to make chicken corn chowder healthy. You must be thinking about how healthy this homemade soup is. Well, to find your answer, you need to check the nutritional factors of the soup.

Nutritional Factors of Homemade soup

In a small serving of homemade soup, you will get calories. Also, you will consume a total fat of 9.7 grams, cholesterol of 47 mg, 293 mg of sodium, 443 mg of potassium, 28 grams of total carbohydrates, and 14 grams of protein.

Also, with this, you will get 13% of Vitamin A, 15% of Vitamin C, 12% of Calcium, and 7% of Iron.

Nutritional Factors of canned soup

As you know, you can find many soup mixtures and concentrated soups on the shelves of your supermarket. The nutritional factors of these soups vary with the manufacturers. You should always check the labels to learn about the health factors. You can also compare the dietary factors with the homemade ones. Then you can buy the canned soup as per your choice. But it is recommended by many food experts and nutritionists that homemade food items are always healthier than the ready to eat packaged food items.

Final Thoughts

If you are hungry and not in the mood to prepare a spread, these recipes will come to your help. Read about them in this article and then indulge in savoring these.