Foods To Add To Your Menu To Grow Your Market

The food and business industry, without a doubt, is a very competitive place. There is constant competition in creating better and new dishes, a more creative environment, and keeping high-quality ingredients. Making your dishes better and more interesting than others is quite challenging. To help market your dishes, the employees must know the dishes well. It is the manager’s job to train recruits, and it is no easy job. But being a manager is your highest position in a branch. So if you want to get there, you must create a good quality restaurant manager resume. A well-written resume will help you attract employers! 

To address the concern of lack of unique dishes that attract more customers, here is a short list of the kinds of food you should consider. 


Anabolic means muscle building. Anabolic foods are foods that contain the nutrients needed to help build muscle. Only a few restaurants offer anabolic food. This is what gym rats need. They look for restaurants they can go to and eat without worrying about ruining their diet. Though prepping meals is common, not everyone can do that or has the skill and time to do so. Gym rats want to be able to go to a restaurant that offers what they need after working out. Imagine going directly to eat after an intense workout; this is the heaven that gym rats dream of. 

There are different ways of bulking. A lean bulk refers to taking more protein and less fat, while a dirty bulk means that you can eat whatever you want as long as you reach the calorie and protein goal. Dirty bulking is easier than lean bulking because you can just eat junk foods that are low in protein. Clean bulking is much harder. A single dish that contains a lot of protein is hard to find. So it is recommended to focus on creating dishes with more protein than fat.

Low-calorie meals

A lot of people struggle to lose weight. They try different diets and do weird exercises. But the only solution for losing weight is to take lesser calories. People in a calorie deficit struggle to find foods with a good amount of protein but low calories. There are a few foods available in the market, but eating them repeatedly for a long time can bore them. A smart move would be to create dishes with different tastes and textures while using low-calorie ingredients. Even if the ingredients are used repeatedly, at least the final product would have a different taste.

You can try making desserts that use flavoring like dark chocolates or fruits. Shakes and smoothies with frozen fruits, milk, and yogurt. You can even make protein pancakes using oatmeal and protein powder.  Just mix and match the different ingredients and experiment with them!


You may have heard of vegetarians, but their vegans are more common. Creating vegan dishes costs less since eggs, dairy, and meat are expensive. There are also a lot of people who want to go vegan or new vegans but struggle in looking for vegan food. They may also not know how to find those ingredients easily, which can be a problem for vegans. Another struggle is having to ask and make sure that the ingredients of the food they buy are vegan. Setting aside a vegan category in your menu makes them feel assured that all ingredients are vegan. 

Adding dishes for niches is a clever way to expand your market. You may own a  small business, or the restaurant you work for may be new, but including these kinds of food will certainly increase your sales. With a little bit of creativity and marketing, your business will surely grow.