10 Tips for Apple Picking with Kids    

Apple picking season is right at the corner! Kids have an enthusiastic approach to picking apples and other fruits from the garden. You can double their enjoyment by knowing the best place for apple picking in Freeport, IL. Pre-planned and specific locations are best for such outdoor activities. It is best to find a suitable location for apple picking with kids. 

  1. Conduct your research – Research is an important part of any activity. You should research the best orchard for apple trees. There is walking involved and is it worth it to walk with kids? Look around the walking path as there should not be any deep dug area that results in kids falling in it. 
  2. Know the best visiting time – It is not possible to enjoy any activity at any time of the day. There is a particular time for every activity. Children like to play in the evening when the sun is setting. You cannot enjoy apple picking during the peak hours of the hot sun. It is worth knowing the best time of the day to visit an apple orchard. 
  3. Enhance your learning experience – You cannot only read books and get to know all about apples. Practical activities help you to relate it to your life and create more interest in learning facts about apples and fruits. 
  4. Everybody should know the rules – Apple picking is not about only picking up the apples that are there on the ground. You should discuss the kind of trees to target and tips to know a ripe apple. It includes safety tips and picking apples that you can eat. 
  5. Select a comfortable dress-up – A comfortable dress-up will keep you relaxed and calm for the whole day. Some dresses can irritate you if they are not according to the activity you like to do at that particular time. You should choose a smart dress-up that can be easily managed while picking apples. 
  6. Suitable travel arrangement – You should plan according to the member’s agreement to visit the best place for apple picking in Freeport IL. Identify how many vehicles are required to be booked. There are baby strollers added for infants. What arrangements are there for children under 2 – 5 years of age? 
  7. Group trip – You should plan a group trip for apple picking as it allows you to enjoy yourself more with more people. It helps in improving your relations with family members. 
  8. Plan a day trip – It is best to spend a whole day with your family and kids. You can plan for a day trip, collect apples and arrange an apple party there. 
  9. Plan for a lot of apples – You can keep the target, how many apples every person has to bring. It can distribute the task and make it easier to get a lot of apples on the table. 
  10. Pick correctly – It is not appropriate to pitch the apple hard. You can pick it up with a light hand and don’t shake it. 

Ensure that the trip would have been successful and everyone enjoyed a lot at the best place for apple picking in Freeport, IL.