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Five Reasons Why You Need to Cut The Cord And Switch To Online Streaming

The cord-cutting trend is here to stay, and we’ll tell you why. Gone are the days of cable tv, where you wouldn’t even watch half of the channels offered by the cable network. One in seven Americans is making the switch. So what is all this fuss about? Well, low costs and increased convenience could be a few reasons. Switch To Online Streaming-

If you still feel on the fence about it, our article today has compiled all the reasons you should take the plunge and dive into the world of online streaming. In recent years, there has been an explosion of live TV streaming platforms such as Fubo TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and DirecTv Stream. 

If you are a fan of the Disney Channel, you can be assured that you won’t miss out on any of your favorite shows by cutting the cord. Most of these platforms carry the Disney Plus channel, among others. 

You can always subscribe to these platforms for as little as $69.99 per month (Hulu Live TV) to unblock US Disney Plus now. Comparing this to a cable tv subscription – which can cost about $100 a month – the alternate can be more economical in the long run. Slashing your entertainment bill in almost half is no longer a far-away dream but a reality. 

Today, we will talk about the many reasons you should cut the cord and venture into the world of streaming services

Reason 1: Save Money and Switch To Online Streaming

The main reason anyone would want to switch from cable to online streaming services would be the cost. A cable subscription costs about $100 per month, whereas a monthly subscription to Sling TV, for example, costs just about $20 a month. 

How pocket-friendly is that? And the probability of you never even watching the rest of the channels in your cable subscription is way higher than the streaming service. These streaming services offer you detailed packages where you can pick the number of channels, which means you can go for a deal with more channels you frequently watch. 

Reason 2: Watch Only What You Want to See

And we come to the second primary reason why switching to an online streaming service is preferred. Cable TV allows you to customize the channels you wish to view, but unfortunately, you have to pay extra for every channel that isn’t included in the default package. In contrast, streaming services enable you to customize content entirely to your taste.

Reason 3: Watch Your Favorite TV Series

The biggest downside of cable TV is that it takes weeks or even months before you can watch your favorite TV shows online. So, in case you missed the exact time your episode was airing on cabling, you would’ve been deprived. 

However, nowadays, streaming platforms offer your favorite content a day after it airs. 

Reason 4: Access Geo-restricted content

If something is not available in your country, you can install a VPN to access a global entertainment catalog. However, with cable TV, this isn’t possible. A cable provider is traditionally given a license only to provide service in a particular geographic area. 

So, in contrast, a streaming service provides service wherever it has been officially launched. 

Reason 5: Number of Devices

Most streaming services allow multiple devices to connect simultaneously. This is especially useful for families since everyone wants to watch something independently. In a traditional cable TV setup, the entire family is restricted to only watching what is coming on the telly at a given time. 

We will now share some disadvantages that you can also consider should you consider making the switch:

  • Some channels might be missing from your bundle
  • Some content might take longer to come online, so you might have to wait it out
  • A VPN might be necessary to access some exclusive content
  • The video quality becomes dependent on your internet deal 


Online streaming services are the future. Luckily for us, since so many key players want in on the booming market, we have plenty of options to choose from. 

This friendly competition brings original programming and high-quality content to the table for users. 

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If you want to have a cable-like experience at home, a streaming service is worth looking into. There is no contract binding you, and if you are unhappy with the service, you can easily explore another one.