Alternatives To YouTube

Alternatives To YouTube: OTT Platforms

We can’t deny that YouTube is among the most popular streaming platforms today. However, there are alternatives to YouTube you can use for your live streaming business. We are talking about OTT platforms as Alternatives To YouTube. Is this an exemplary service for you? Find out in this article.  

What is the OTT platform or Alternatives To YouTube? 

OTT stands for Over-the-Top. It allows you to stream content on various devices anytime and anywhere you want. It is a convenient method of delivering video content through the internet without traditional broadcast or satellite or cable pay-TV providers. 

OTT content can be delivered through the following:

  • Personal computers. You can access the content of OTT from web browsers or desktop-based apps. 
  • Mobile OTT devices. They let a customer download an OTT app on tablets and smartphones for on-the-go streaming.
  • Smart TVs. Consumers can also enjoy OTT content on Smart TVs. Examples of these include Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, and more. 

Why is the OTT platform better than YouTube and similar services? 

OTT app is an excellent alternative to YouTube and similar services due to the following reasons.

Ad-free content 

With the OTT platform, you can enjoy ad-free content through one-time purchases (TVOD), enabling subscription services and OTT monetization strategies. If you use the AVOD monetization model, OTT can offer you the power of control and targeted advertising on your inventory and campaigns, including direct sponsorship. 


OTT platform allows you to control your brand, content, audience, user experience, monetization, and data, plus secure stream OTT. Well, YouTube will not provide you with that. 

Consumer convenience 

With OTT, consumers can choose what they want to watch and pay for the services and content they want. It can provide you flexibility in adjusting models on the market for optimal uptake. 

Direct to consumer 

The OTT platform is the best way to reach your targeted audience with your video content directly. In addition, it can deliver a premium video experience you can control. You can also receive fast user feedback through interaction and direct engagement.  

YouTube vs. OTT apps 

Let us compare YouTube and OTT apps as video hosting platforms. 

Video streaming 

YouTube is a free video hosting platform. It comes with ads as a primary source of revenue. The viewers can see ads as they stream videos. The user doesn’t have control over what they can view since the algorithms of YouTube control it. 

On the other hand, OTT platforms can control what you want to show to your audience. Even though some OTT platforms come with ads as a revenue stream, it’s entirely based on the subscription or plan of the viewers. It is also completely optional.

Business branding mediums 

The more the branding, the more you can gain viewership on your videos. OTT apps can offer you various ways for your branding. You can use different locations for your brand promotion. 

In YouTube, there are limited methods for your business branding. The platform can give you fewer customization features for your brand channel compared to OTT apps. 

Revenue generation 

The revenue streams are focused on ads on YouTube. Meanwhile, there are various ways for revenue generation in the OTT platform. For example, you can earn resources in OTT through the development of built-in eCommerce and offer fitness clothing, accessories, devices, and more. 

Users can also subscribe to fitness articles to maintain their health. It means that different business spheres can generate revenue without depending on ads. 

Reporting and analytics 

Analytics is essential in the continuous growth of a business. You need to analyze how the users respond to the app to help you lower the churn rate, improve customer retention and acquisition, and enhance customer experience. 

You can also integrate OTT apps into analytic tools to see how users interact with each other. With reliable analytics, you can make an analysis of the gaps in user experience and interface. With that, you can take action to improve your service. 

On the other hand, YouTube was made for video streaming. It lets you get updates, including audience retention, watch time, demographics, live streaming details, revenue reports, and more. Small businesses may need more statistics to improve customer satisfaction and brand reputation. 

Why choose OTT platforms? 

The following are why you should choose OTT platforms as an alternative to YouTube. 

  • Cost-efficient. If you want to view online content, you can register for a yearly or monthly subscription making it cost-effective. 
  • Creative and unique content. You can create unique and creative content with OTT platforms to boost your brand recognition. With that, you can have content that can catch the attention of many viewers. 
  • Easy access. You can easily log in to OTT platforms using laptops, mobile apps, smart TV, tablets, and other devices. You only need a stable internet connection. 
  • International content platform. Another unique feature of OTT apps is they can be an international content platform. You can upload your content and gain viewers from different parts of the world. It allows you to have a broad audience that can help you increase your brand credibility and recognition. With the advantages of using OTT platforms for your streaming business, you have assurance that it can offer you a big return on your investment. 
  • Customers enjoy content anywhere and anytime. Choosing OTT platforms allows you to enjoy your favorite content anywhere and anytime you want. With a fast internet connection, you can relax watching your favorite shows while on the go. 


To sum it up, OTT platforms are great alternatives to YouTube as a streaming platform. It is equipped with more advanced features to give you a hassle-free streaming experience.

Opting for OTT apps is the best solution if you’re conscious of budget but want to increase your viewers. It can also provide you with many opportunities to increase your streaming revenue. With that, you can satisfy the needs of your consumers while increasing your brand reputation.