Effective Video Marketing

Research-Backed Tips For Effective Video Marketing

Introduction- Effective Video Marketing ?Hey, are you interested in video making? Or wanted to learn the art of video marketing? So, you are in the right spot. In this article, we will discuss in detail the top 5 research-based topics for Effective Video Marketing.?
However, before we start, let’s grab some sense of understanding about video marketing. Today, we all agree that videos and reels are the most popular choice for content consumption, especially among gen Z. As per the HubSpot report, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption, and an average person is expected to spend 100 minutes per day on video consumption.??
What’s more? As per the Cisco report, by the end of 2022, online video will rule 82% of all consumer internet traffic. These figures are indeed worth breathtaking. But what’s video marketing??
In simple words, video marketing means when you use a video to promote your brand, products or services. Your main aim as a content maker is to educate your customers about the offerings, amplify engagement on your digital and social channels, and target your target audience via video marketing. Video allows you to personally touch the lives of your audience and convey your brand message. You can use video maker to modify raw videos into publish-ready content. Video marketing is an effective tool to generate leads and quick conversions. However, you need to understand what are the tips that can be followed to master ai video generator.
Five Research-Backed Tips for Effective Video Marketing
Basically, video marketing doesn’t mean shooting, recording, and posting brand videos on social media. Instead, it means crafting the right message for the right audience in video format with the intention of moving toward your business goals. The videos depend on the marketing funnel stage, which includes not only product demos, tutorials, vlogs, expert interviews, and customer testimonials but much more than you can think. Even there are a plethora of video maker apps that can help ease out the video-editing process.? Here’s the rundown of five research-backed tips for effective video marketing -?
  1. Your narrative is the king – Do you love stories? Yes, we all do, right. You need to follow this philosophy when making a video using a video maker. The video should be just that should make the viewers immerse themselves into the world of stories rather than considering it a sales pitch. As per the various research, it was found that around 80% of people want the brand to narrate stories as part of their marketing strategy. To craft the best story rather than simply highlighting your product’s features. Make your brand stand out in the market, not because of the features but the narrative.

  2. Follow the 10-second rule – Ask yourself if there is any instant hook at the beginning of your video? Remember that adage, ?the first impression is your last impression?? This idea is still prominent in video marketing. If you can grab the attention of your target group in the first 10 seconds, you will steal the show. According to the study conducted by Microsoft Corp, today’s internet user has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Today’s internet user is swamped with content, and your video content has seconds to connect. You can use the following techniques to grab the viewer’s attention in the beginning:
  • Start with an intriguing fact.?
  • Mention a promised solution to a prominent problem.
  • Use words like ?imagine?, ?what if?, or ?You can’t.
3. Focus on pain points – Not everything that your audience sees or watches interests them. So while making the video, try to identify your audience’s pain points and make the video focus on that. Video makers are ideal for trimming your videos and delivering only relevant content. Video marketing is not just making any random video and floating it across social media platforms. Still, it is a thoughtful and well-researched piece of information that your audience can feel and sense virtually. If you make a video focusing on your problem statement, you will be able to garner a zillion of eyeballs and phenomenal conversions. So, don’t just talk or glorify your product USP in the video but wisely touch the pain points and subtly highlight your brand proposition.?
4. SEO is your beast – Don’t forget about SEO. Yes, the most pivotal element of video marketing includes paid and organic search engine marketing. If you think that text content like blog posts and case studies needs SEO and video content has no relevance with SEO, you are wrong. You should not forget about amplifying video content in this way as well. Don’t forget that after Google, Youtube is the largest search engine in the world. So you need to optimise your content to skyrocket your ROI. Here are a few parameters that you can follow to video SEO -?
  • Choose SEO friendly title for your video?
  • Use closed captions
  • Use SEO optimised tags?
  • Add relevant keywords in the transcript
5. CTA is mandatory – If you follow all the above-mentioned tips, there is a huge possibility that a viewer will watch entire ads or videos without fail. This simply means that they might be interested in buying your product or would like to give it a shot. Always remember to add CTA at the end of your video so that if your viewers want to reach out, they can do it early. Maybe you can add CTA as end screen annotations on a YouTube video. This is an essential part and the perfect time to usher them to take some positive action.
Video marketing can yield excellent results only when used smartly and correctly to wind up. Video marketing is booming in India and holds significant potential to change the complete landscape of your business. So, simply follow the above-mentioned tips, and you’ll see the ball rolling.
Believe it or not, the video holds immense momentum in the space of marketing and is expected to grow tenfold in the near future. Remember that in video marketing, you need to focus on emotional narrative-based content so that your audience can actually resonate with it and click on the CTA. Onwards and upwards!