Complex Essay

Excellent Way to Cope with Complex Essay Assignments

It is no secret that college students are under a lot of pressure. The last thing students should have to deal with is too complex assignments. Those types of assignments can lead to the worst kind of stress. Trying to complete such an assignment of Complex Essay alone can make it even worse. It is not something that you want to deal with. 

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How to Write an Excellent Complex Essay

Make an Outline of Complex Essay

The process of writing a high-quality essay is not as complicated as many students tend to make it look. For example, the most important thing you can do to improve your understanding of the subject you are about to write about is to make an outline. Of course, you can always search for comprehensive essay writing services, but there is no need to spend money on something that you can benefit from for free. 

The best way to formulate your ideas is by creating an outline for your essay and then proceeding with writing. You can follow a few simple rules listed below and ensure that your essay will get the highest grade.

Create the Structure 

An excellent essay is much more than a collection of random sentences. An excellent essay is five paragraphs long, with an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Each body paragraph contains a mini-thesis sentence, supporting facts and examples, and a conclusion sentence.

In your introduction paragraph, make sure to include: 

  • The title you chose for your essay 
  • An introductory sentence that hooks the reader into your topic (i.e., let the reader know what your essay is about) 
  • The thesis statement for your entire essay

The first body paragraph should support your introductory paragraph and thesis statement by directly addressing the topic of your first supporting fact or example. The second body paragraph should support your preceding paragraph and thesis statement by directly addressing the issue of your second supporting fact or example. 

The third body paragraph should support your introductory paragraph and thesis statement by directly addressing the topic of your third supporting fact or example. Your last body paragraph should ideally summarize everything you’ve said so far, using your “mini-thesis” sentences from earlier as evidence for why you feel as strongly as you do about the issue at hand.

Compose the Conclusion

Another component of an excellent essay is the conclusion. Here’s how to write a great one:

  1. Summarize the main points of your topic and the key arguments you’ve made.
  2. Link your conclusion back to your introduction; restate your thesis statement and a few of the main points of your essay.
  3. Restate why the reader should agree with you on this topic. What have you learned from studying this topic? What does it mean for the reader to agree or disagree with you?
  4. Provide a meaningful call to action for the reader. If you want them to change their ways, suggest a small thing they can do immediately.
  5. Thank your reader for reading and potentially agreeing with you about this topic.
  6. Do not include anything personal in this paragraph, such as “I hope you agree with me” or “This is what I think.” The conclusion should be concise and purely about the topic at hand.
  7. Conclude by thanking your audience for reading your essay and acknowledging how much time they spent reading it. Finish strong!

Consider Using Expert Help 

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