Childhood Candy Search + Contest Update

When I received two “help me remember this candy from my childhood” requests in the same day, I decided that I would devote a post to the topic. Unfortunately, I’m of limited help in that area, mostly due to the fact that I’m not that old, so I thought I’d share my readers’ questions and invite y’all to comment. Also feel free to comment with “help me remember this candy from my childhood” requests of your own.

Ankur asks, “When I was a kid, about 15 years ago, we used to sell this candy in school fundraisers. It was saltwater taffy, and the best flavor was cherry. It came in a package the size of a KitKat and the pink on the outside. Inside was a flat piece of saltwater taffy wrapped in wax paper, and it had indentation/cuts in it like a plain Hershey bar. I’ve been looking for days to find the name, and I can’t. Can you help me?”

Melissa wants to know, “I am trying to remember a childhood favorite chewy candy, like a Starburst (in shape, texture, and wrapping), but watermelon flavor (the whole package). The outside was green while the inside was red. Both were chewy, even a little oily in texture, which was probably the watermelon flavor. Any idea of what this was called?”

If you have any possible solutions for Ankur and Melissa’s candy woes, leave a comment. If we solve the candy mysteries, I’ll be sure to pass it on to them.

In other news, Lesha is the lucky winner of the chocolate candy calendar giveaway. I’ve recently come into some Ghirardelli coupons for free chocolate, so I’ll do another giveaway for those soon-ish. Stay tuned!