Bedroom Wall Lamps

Choosing the Right Modern Bedroom Wall Lamps

You know how important it is when it comes to light, especially when talking about your bedroom. Some homeowners need it to see in the middle of the night, and others get restful sleep with the dimmer glow. One of the most common things you find in every bedroom is a lamp on Bedroom Wall Lamps. But what makes a good one? 

You might begin asking yourself some things like what is the best lamp for my bedroom? Is it a modern one? A retro variety? There is no right or wrong answer for everyone. You have to consider your own lifestyle, preferences, and what you are looking for in these night lights and know other features that you may want to add. If you are an individual who likes to sleep with the lights on, you may want to browse some selections before buying carefully.

Choosing the Best Ones for You- Bedroom Wall Lamps

The two primary jobs of a lamp are to provide you with enough light to read comfortably and do other bedroom activities while it makes the room look great while doing it. You need to determine whether you’ll need bedroom wall lamps, the number you need, the style, décor, colors, and other factors. Fortunately, here’s a guide that may help you out.

Number of Lamps for your Bedroom- Bedroom Wall Lamps

Generally, you will only need one that has a nightstand style if you’re alone, and two are more than enough if you have a significant other. When you have a large bed or a king-sized mattress, the two lights will give you a better balance regardless of the number of people using the room. Ceiling and wall fixtures may also help, and you mustn’t specifically rely on them as your source of illumination.


Another mistake that you need to avoid is to choose the wrong size. Some homeowners may select fixtures that are too small for their nightstands. Balance and get the scale right. Wider mattresses will mean wider nightstands. As a rule of thumb, the tables should be about two-thirds of the width of the bed. The bedside lamp should ideally be about 1/3 of the nightstand’s width when you’re measuring at the base or its widest point.


The right height is critical, especially if you read at bedtime. You wouldn’t want the lights to shine over your head or in front of you. If you’ve chosen the bed to be as tall as your nightstand, then add about 3 inches extra on the lamp. So, if you have a 23-inch-high nightstand, you might want measurements like 26 inches that will complete your room set-up.


It is essential to select the ones that can last for a very long time. Most of them are made up of metals, and you might want to replace the bulbs from time to time. Ideally, the new fixtures will last for five years or longer before buying another one. This is an investment that will be worth it because you’ll be able to see at night, and the room won’t be in too much darkness. 

Choosing the Shades


The shades will generally balance the lamp. Usually, you need something covering about two-thirds of the body, and the width should be twice as wide as the base. If you have a very thin lamp, the shade should not be wider than the height so you can get the best proportions. If you want to read during bedtime, the base should be level with your eyes if you’re sitting up. See more about these bedside lamps in this link.

Off-white or white will let the most light through, but the colored ones can also be great additions. They will add the needed decors and accents to give life to your bedroom. Today’s current trends are drum shades, but you can’t go wrong with matching shapes. These are all ideal as long as you’re keeping up with the rest of your décor.

Contemporary options may include chrome or sleek glass. Try to pick traditional ginger jars or have fun with those with coastal or anchor styles. Palm trees, grapes, and Tuscan-themed are also ideal if you want to feel like you’re on vacation when you enter your bedroom.