Top 13 Candy That Starts With V

Here at ZomgCandy, we always discuss different candy names and what they are like. Today it is time to check out candy that starts with V to know if you’ve already tried some of these!

Each one of us has our favorite candy that made our childhood memorable. Some people like the sweet and sour flavors, while others like them with chocolate. We have lollipops, candy bars, hard shell candies, icy candies, and some out-of-the-world flavors. But everyone has that one special candy in their life that they can never forget about.

But you can always improvise your choices when you know about some of the most delicious candies. This article brought an exciting list of candy that starts with V.

Try to remember the last candy you consumed! It started with V? If not, you need to browse these options to find some of the missing sweets. To make it easy, we have added the details about each candy as a description.

Is candy that starts with V popular?

Surprisingly, V is a popular name for candies, and some of the most popular brands start with this name. You may not have heard some of them before, so we created a mix of popular and unpopular brands to deliver the best knowledge.

Valentine candies, Vanilla candy, and Vicks are some commonly sold candies that you must have heard about, but if you are looking for details for unknown candies, please read till last.

Is candy that starts with the letter v delicious?

Indeed, most candy that starts with the letter V is made of vanilla; they are delicious and the best for chocolate lovers. However, if chocolate is not your favorite, you still have options in other hard shells and wafer candies.

By the time you remember the last candy you consumed that started with V, let’s quickly start describing the sweet selections that can only be found under this category.

1. Vicks Cough Drops

An American company makes Vicks cough drops, famous for providing nasal health-related products. A Vicks cough drop is best to consume when you have a sour throat or want to try complex flavors to refresh your mind instantly.

It’s a small hard-shell candy that you can pop into your mouth to enjoy the flavors that will help you to clear your throat. Vicks comes in individually packed three flavor drops: Ginger, Menthol, and Honey. They are easy to carry and can consume despite not having a sour throat.

Please don’t take it as a remedy because anyone can consume a Vicks. Kids don’t like this candy a lot because of the harsh flavors, but it can be the perfect solution for your sore throat. Try the methanol-flavored Vicks; it tastes the best.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Valentine Heart Candy

Valentine’s heart is another candy that starts with a V, and the taste of the candy resembles its name. If you are looking for a lovely and sweet treat, then there is nothing better than a heart-shaped candy that immediately provides you with a good feeling.

These are seasonal candies but still got a huge market. People around the world eat over 8 billion valentine’s sweets every year. These candies were first introduced in 1901 by Necco; then, Spangler Candy Company purchased them.

Mainly, they are used for gifting loved ones, and their demand peaks during Valentine’s month. Earlier, the brand used to provide hard shell candies with a message like “be mine,” “love you,” “text me,” “lol,” etc. But in 2010, the company shifted to semi-soft candies and updated the quotes with time. Don’t forget to gift this candy at your next Valentine’s Day celebration.

Semi-soft candies are not suitable for printing messages with sweet love words on them. But if you want to express what you want to say in this way, it doesn’t matter, you can customize some Vinyl Stickers with text and patterns to put what you want to say on the candy. When your lover receives candies, he or she may not be particularly surprised because it is a very common Valentine’s Day gift, but it will be a surprise when he or she suddenly sees the love words on the sticker. This little surprise will make your Valentine’s Day more romantic.

3. Vanilla taffy

Vanilla taffy is those extremely soft-shell candies that start melting in your mouth as soon as you consume them. They leave a creamy texture inside your mouth, giving you the feeling of eating vanilla ice cream, but it’s not cold.

Other versions of the candy include Saltwater taffy, chew taffy, French taffy, Turkish taffy, etc. Most people love eating salt water taffy because of the tangy taste. The vanilla taffies still have a different fan base who consumes these candies daily.

They come in individual polythene packing that you can easily carry around and consume whenever you want. If you are craving a tasty vanilla flavor, these candies are best to try.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. Violet Mints

Violet mints is another candy that starts with V and comes in similar packing as other minty candies. You can find multiple candies packed in a cylindrical paper wrap that opens and eat each candy at a time. These candies match their name and give you a pleasant minty taste with clove and a little touch of flowery violet.

Mostly sugar, artificial flavors, and stearic acid dominate the ingredients of this candy, and they are the best if you are looking for a minty flavor with a touch of other elements.

Also, violet mints are a famous brand that you can easily find in the nearby retail store or order them online. The sophisticated packing makes it easier to carry them around and get the minty flavor whenever you want.

5. Vanilla lollipop

Vanilla taffy provides an instant creamy texture in your mouth, but vanilla lollipop is hard-shell candy that gives you a prolonged taste. Kids love to eat vanilla lollipops, and you can easily find them in any nearby candy store.

Not only vanilla, but these candies also provide a taste of cotton candy and caramel with a hard-to-forget smell. Upon opening the wrapper, the candy welcomes you with a fantastic fragrance that forces you to eat it and purchase it again.

If you are fond of vanilla products like ice cream, pudding, milk, etc., you will surely love having a vanilla lollipop if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s time you should.

6. Vodka gummies

If you are looking for an enjoyable sweet treat for your house party or pool party, then what’s better than vodka gummies? These candies are gummy bears soaked in vodka that give you immediate booze. Don’t consume them a lot, or you will get drunk.

Even you can prepare vodka gummies for yourself. Just bring some gummy bears and soak them in vodka. The longer you keep the gummy bears inside the alcohol, the more alcoholic they become, but at the same time, they will taste less alcoholic. So, if you are looking for a taste, soak that for a bit, but if you are looking for booze, let your gummies consume alcohol for hours.

Your friends will surely love the idea of vodka gummies but don’t tell them in advance, or you will ruin the surprise.

7. Vanilla Wafers

Another vanilla addition to the list of candy that starts with V is vanilla wafers. They are also known as vanilla crackers in some countries. It’s that particular snack that replenishes your childhood memories. Imagine separating both parts of the wafers to lick the vanilla cream inside. Have you ever tried it? Well, I had.

These wafers are readily available in any country. There are popular brands, but you will mostly find them sold by local dairies. It’s a simple cookie you can enjoy with a dip or eat as it is. Either way is acceptable.

The mix of vanilla cream and crunchy wafers leave a fantastic texture in your mouth that makes you always crave more. Even these candies don’t include a lot of sugar, and they are better for your children than regular candies.

8. Vimto sweets

These small and round button-size candies contain a fruity flavor, including the tartness of grapes and the sweetness of raspberries and blackcurrants. At a time, you can pop 2-3 Vimto sweets in your mouth to enjoy the sweet and bitter fruity journey.

They are not available in individual packing because of the small size. You can find them in substantial plastic box packing or polythene packing. Having a Vimto sweet after your meal will leave you with a fantastic experience.

Also, if you are bored in your office, eat some of these candies to enjoy the sweet-juicy texture that enhances if you chew them.

9. Velamints

Velamints are another minty addition to this candy list that starts with V. These mint candies come in excellent tin packaging that any other candy brand has never provided. They come in various flavors, including perfect lemon, spearmint, watermelon, and peppermint.

The fancy-looking tin package also makes it easy to carry these candies around and chew them anytime you want a minty experience. Moreover, they are sugar-free mints, and even a diabetic can easily consume them.

Velamints were popular during the ’90s, but later the company discontinued its production. However, they are available again, and you can easily purchase them from any marketplace website. There is no specific reason behind the discontinuation of these fantastic candies. But we are happy to see them again.

10. Valomilk Candy Cups

If you love the vanilla flavor and cup candies, you might like having a valomilk candy cup. Initially, in 1931, the company launched a mix of too much vanilla and marshmallows that became a mess, and the idea never went through. Later they improvised their recipe to sell simple milk chocolate cups filled with marshmallow cream that gives you a sticky experience with chocolate as you eat.

Russell Sifers Candies is the company behind the cool cup candy; initially a failed idea, but now they have fans worldwide.

The cup candy is unique and includes ingredients like marshmallows, milk chocolate, and vanilla. It’s the best sweet treat for people with a special place in their hearts for vanilla and chocolate. If you are the one, don’t forget to taste valomilk candy cups.

11. Velvet Candy

It’s another candy that starts with V but is not very popular, and you usually find them on special occasions like valentine’s day. If you have ever tasted red velvet cake, you can match it with the taste of these candies. They include a little cheesy flavor with very mild cocoa with a slightly tart edge.

Most people prefer eating red velvet candies; even though the recipe is pretty simple, you can easily prepare them at home. If you want to gift your partner a sweet treat with the color of love, “red,” then try preparing the red velvet candies for them.

These candies are similar to cocoa but are different from regular chocolate. So, don’t confuse yourself when you look for red velvet candies in the market.

canday that starts with v
Image Credit: Flickr

12. Violet Creams

Violet creams are cookie-like candies in sophisticated plastic packaging that gives them a royal look. These are soft candies where the outside is made of violet-flavored chocolate while the inside cream is made with delicate quality vanilla flavor. Even a tiny bit of violet cream will give you a remarkable creamy experience.

Because of the fancy packing, these candies are best to gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or others.

Moreover, preparing these candies at home is also pretty simple. Do you want someone to feel the efforts you are putting in to gift them a sweet treat, then why not prepare them by yourself? The recipes are readily available online, check some videos and get started.

13. Victory V

Victory V is another candy that starts with V; Like Vicks, it is also suitable for treating sore throat. The candy is made using Liquorice and Methanol, gives you a minty sensation as you eat, and leaves you with a calm mind.

However, it’s not readily available like Vicks. Victory V is produced by a British confectionery brand that doesn’t sell its product overseas. So, if you live in Britain, don’t miss the opportunity to try it; it’s difficult to find this candy in other countries.

Final thoughts

Here we end this candy list that starts with the letter v. As we said, most candies are vanilla-flavored; either the core is made or vanilla or the filling. But at the same time, you can find some minty options with special heart-shaped candies.

The Letter V indeed has some of the tastiest selections worth exploring. We also have added non-popular brands that must try.

Do you know various other candy that starts with V? We haven’t covered them in this article. We would love to hear about those candies from you. Please leave your comments below!