How to Choose the Best Led Flashlight

The term EDC is short for Everyday Carry. This flashlight lights a person’s path when it is dark outside. The flashlight’s light also helps one see things in very tight spaces and can be used to blind someone who wants to attack you. The EDC flashlight is small and fits in our everyday carry collection. A flashlight is a very useful tool because its uses extend when you want to defend yourself. Many people are looking at their tactical flashlight reviews because they are credible. This article below will highlight some important features of the best EDC flashlight.

What Are Key Features of Flashlight?

Battery Type The battery type matters greatly because you know the duration you’d like to use the flashlight. Remember that some batteries are easy to find while others aren’t. Other types, like CR123A batteries, are good performers and will serve you for many hours. However, finding them is an uphill battle because they are rare. On the other hand, AA and AAA batteries are available almost everywhere, but their performance doesn’t match CR123A batteries.


Waterproof Rating Flashlights come in handy when it’s raining, but how good is the water resistance? A good flashlight should not be affected by water, in any case. Most flashlights with good water resistance are rated using the IPX code. For instance, you can look for flashlights with codes like IPX7, IPX8, and IPX4. IPX ratings describe the level of protection (provided by the device’s design) against fluids. The rating goes from zero (the lowest) to eight (the highest protection level).


Size There is no need to look for a bulky flashlight that will burden you for nothing. It’s true that the smaller the flashlight, the less quality it offers. But it’s not a bad idea to sacrifice a few things like brightness and service time for comfort. Your ideal size should not be more than 4 inches long.


Other Considerations When Choosing A Led Flashlight?

Type of Bulb: When the LED light was invented, most people shifted to them, leaving incandescent bulbs on the verge of extinction. LED bulbs have produced more efficient flashlights and less battery consumption than their rivals.


Construction: Your flashlight will occasionally fall or get some knocks here and there. You must look for flashlights with the construction that is high quality and sturdy to avoid breaking or cracking.


Weight: You already have enough to carry and don’t need extra. Look for a flashlight that is easy to carry. For instance, flashlights with an aluminum body are a bit lighter than flashlights made of steel.

Lumens: The lumens of your ideal flashlight determine its brightness. While flashlights come with different lumen ranges, look for the right range to fit your needs. Ideally, it should be between 100 and 1,000 lumens.


Best EDC Flashlights Pricing

Below $50: Flashlights in this category are compact and adjustable with exceptional value. Most of these flashlights have only two interchangeable modes between high and low but leave out strobe mode. They don’t have extremely powerful beams, just enough to keep you moving.


Above $70: Flashlights in this category produce powerful and brighter light to provide a long beam distance, some of which boast over 1,000 lumens that can cover 900 feet. They are very versatile and of high quality. The more money you spend, the higher the quality you get.


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Arkfeld EDC Flat Flashlight 

The Arkfeld is one of the primary sources and portable EDC flashlights. A remarkable max 1000 lumens output can light up every corner you can view. The green laser, the best helper when making a presentation or drolling your pets, is also featured in the flashlight. The artistic switch design is both charming and practical.



The best light is a convention tool for odd jobs, such as looking for a dropped set of keys. Some may use their regular carry flashlights for menial admin or inspection jobs in a professional context. EDC practitioners need a light that can perform these jobs and more since many of us trust our tools for an included layer of security. Sure, situational awareness raises full personal safety. Still, as any person who has been developed knows, even hypervigilance cannot be a cloak of invisibility. A right EDC flashlight gives a secondary level of security and safety by serving as a very capable less-lethal self-defense tool, making a literal wall of light that permits the user to disappear at a moment’s notice.