Best Sports Physical Thearpist Found in Jones Creek LA,

Whether you’re an athlete in training or recovering from injuries, your body requires unique understanding and attention. Sports medicine evolved for this very reason. With roots in ancient medicine, it focuses on how athletes’ bodies move. Injury treatment and prevention are essential parts of sports physical therapy. In this short guide, you’ll learn how sports med can benefit you.

A Quick History of Sports Med

Sports medicine’s history begins in ancient Greece. Physicians studied athlete’s injuries to learn how they occur plus treatment techniques. During ancient Rome’s heyday, gladiators had physicians assigned to them. These doctors developed therapeutic exercises to benefit athletes’ bodies. Other doctors studied and contributed more information, including posture and movement effects on the human body. After the Congress of Sports Medicine was founded in 1928, sports med became a widely established and practiced discipline throughout the world.

Strength and Mobility Exercises

Strength and mobility exercises play a vital role in sports physical therapy in Jones Creek, Louisiana. While many of these to general improvements, some regimens are geared toward specific sports. For example, soccer players may perform a series of stretches for the calves, quadriceps, hip flexors, hip abductors and hamstrings. Ankle stability exercises can minimize strains and sprains. 

Every sport requires its athletes to possess some physical strength. Some sports emphasize strength more than others. Football players, for instance, train to build muscle mass and speed. But strength is key in other sports. Track and field athletes need strength exercises to improve running speed and address muscle imbalances that may lead to injuries. No matter what sport you play, a physical therapist can create a custom-tailored plan based on your needs.

Accelerated Recovery

A sports injury can become a major setback. Your future in the game isn’t the only thing at stake: So is your overall health. That’s why a sports physical therapist is critical to proper healing and recovery. Injury treatment and recovery may include several important components:

  • Orthopedic physical therapy
  • Taping and bracing the injured area
  • Neuromuscular re-education exercises
  • Cardiovascular, endurance and resistant training
  • Manual physical therapy

If you sustain an injury during play, you’ll seek immediate treatment. From there, you may meet with your primary care physician and other appropriate care providers. One of them will likely refer you to a sports med physical therapist for evaluation and rehabilitation. 

What To Expect With Your Physical Therapist

Your first visit with a sports med PT should include a full assessment. They’ll already have your medical records, including relevant data about your injury. During the assessment, you’ll answer questions about your injury and complete physical tests as you are able: walking, bending, stretching and more. Your PT specialist uses all this information to construct a rehabilitation plan.

During rehab, you’ll attend one to three weekly sessions for Brittany, Louisiana physical therapy treatment. Home exercises are also essential to treating your injury, plus rebuilding strength, agility and mobility. Your PT and other care providers will evaluate your progress throughout the rehab period. Faithfully following this rehab plan is critical to healing.