Best Ways to Track Employee Hours

If you own a business, you are already familiar with how some hours are billable while others are non-billable. Through the different activities, there are certain things that will be improved:

  • Making sure that employees attend whenever they have to work.
  • Improve payroll processing
  • Better compliance with rules and regulations
  • Calculating the savings of the company

It will be helpful to have effective attendance tracking software that will not be too hard for employees. Without the right tracking system, the data will not be reliable for labor records. The more inaccurate the data, the more problematic it will be.

What is the best solution that you can do? You need to look at the market so that you can finally get the best choice.

Best Ways to Track Employee Hours

It can be a bit complicated when you do not know what you need to track employee’s location. Take a look at your business model. Do you ask your employees to go to the office every day? Do you have remote employees from different parts of the globe? Depending on what your business needs, you can start learning more about how you can track employee hours better.

1. Wall Mounted Card Swipes

This is ideal if you have employees that go to the office every day. Instead of using the timecard which can take up some time, they can use their IDs in order to log in. Data will then be transferred to the computer and it will serve as their attendance.

2. Time Capturing Attendance Systems

This is going to be ideal not only for those who are working remotely but also for employees who need to visit their offices. While they are working, the work that they are doing on their computer screen will be copied and sent. It will provide details to you, the employer, regarding the type of work that your employees are doing. This will let you know if they are making the most out of their time or not.

3. Have One Centralized System

You know that it will be nice to have just one system wherein your employees can keep track of their time and attendance. This will be helpful if there are some employees who are working shift hours. If they need to exchange with someone else, they can do this through the system. It will also be easier for people to keep track of their schedules.?

4. Come Up with A System that Can Be Used with Other Applications

You know that if you would search online, you will come across a lot of applications that can help you track the hours that your employees spend working. This is just one of the things that you can do. You can have your own software that will work with your other applications. Through this software, these are the things that you can improve on:

  • Improve your payroll
  • Take note of the time off that employees will take from time to time
  • Check out compliance needs

The exchange and the integration between the data that you have created and the application you have chosen should be seamless.

5. A Tracking System Should Make It Easy to Track Administrative Tasks

What are administrative tasks? These are duties that need to be done to ensure that admin work in the office will be done properly. Some people may overlook the administrative tasks that they should be doing. Having the right software that can let people know if there are some things that they have not done yet will allow them to know what they should do next. They can also decide which tasks they should be doing first.

Other Tips to Remember

You want to come up with the right system that will help you keep track of everything, right? Get to know these tips and you might become surprised with the differences that the tips can make:

  • Make sure that the software is hosted in the Cloud. Can you imagine if you would lose all of the data because you have just placed it in the hard drive? If it is in the Cloud, you can also access it anytime that you want.
  • Take note of some advanced technologies that can make your software more secure. You can add a barcode to your employees? IDs. You can also add some fingerprint and retina scans. These things will make a huge difference.
  • Have online attendance records ready. These records may also give employees an idea about when their next payroll is going to be, and so much more. Now is the time to upgrade from the more old-fashioned way of generating attendance records.


You know that your employees will play a huge role in how successful your company is going to be. You have to make sure that they are doing their work properly. You need to make sure that they are always doing their best to do their tasks well. The surer you are of them and their work, the more that you can utilize their talents and skills.