5 Sports You Need Sunglasses For

Sunglasses are for so much more than just lounging on the beach! For many sports, sunglasses are an important part of safety equipment – or at least they should be considered that way! If you?re going to be spending any amount of time outdoors, it?s important to properly protect your eyesight from the sun?s harmful rays. But sunglasses can do so much more!?

By offering great features like glare protection, impact resistance and enhanced color contrast, sunglasses can even help you up your game! So which outdoor sports benefit from sunglasses the most? Here?s a list of the 5 top sports that you need sunglasses for and why.?

1. Water sports

When you?re out on the water all day, it?s crucial that you properly protect your eyes from the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage your eyes and repeated exposure can cause all sorts of serious eye problems. When choosing your next pair, make sure that they offer 100% UVB and UVA protection as well as glare resistance.?

If you?re looking for a pair of sunglasses perfectly suited for water sports, check out a brand like Oakley. Other brands just don?t come close to all the cutting-edge tech Oakley squeezes into every one of their frames. By using an Oakley promo code, you can even avoid paying full price for your next pair!?

2. On the snow

Being around snow all day can be just as dangerous as being around water. Just because it?s cold out doesn?t mean that the sun?s rays aren?t strong! In fact, both ice and snow reflect the sun?s harmful UV rays making it important to properly protect yourself, even in winter. If you?re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors on your favorite winter sports, make sure you not only wear sunscreen but you grab a pair of sunglasses as well!

Another feature to look for when choosing a pair of sunglasses for winter sports is glare resistance. It?s easy to be blinded by the sun?s glare from both snow and ice. Many sports retailers now offer sunglasses that are specially designed to block out glare and improve your vision while on the snow!?

3. Hiking

Hiking is not a sport usually considered when talking about sunglasses. Since you?re often under the shade of trees while hiking, it may not seem that important to protect yourself from the sun?s rays. But did you know that you can get sunburnt, even while in the shade? While it may not seem like it, UV rays can bounce off of almost anything and still cause harm to your eyes and skin, even while you?re in the shade. To protect yourself, always carry sunglasses with you, especially if you?re heading out on an all day trek.?

Sunglasses also offer bonus impact protection for your eyes. When you?re out on a trail, a lot of sticks, bugs, and other debris can get into your eyes and injure them. If you choose a quality pair of sports glasses with impact resistance, you can ensure your eyes are always safe.?

4. Tennis?

Being blinded by the sun for one second is all it takes to ruin your performance during a tennis game! Since tennis is a sport that relies on bright, sunny weather to play outdoors, you should always wear sunglasses while on the court. Not only will you protect your vision but you?ll also block the sun?s glare and improve your game!?

5. Baseball & softball

Even professionals know the importance of wearing a good pair of sunglasses while playing a baseball match. In a sport like baseball where depth protection is crucial, you simply can?t rely on your naked eye when there?s too much sunlight! Improve your game performance by always wearing a high quality pair of glare resistant sunglasses.