6 Amazing Garage Safety Door Feature For Your Home 

Garages are the most versatile and significant spaces of the home that provides you additional space to store your precious belongings. From parking your cars to storage, we can use the garage for all purposes. At times, homeowners don’t realize how dangerous it can be to use garage spaces that lack security and safety measures. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your garage safety measures or learn more about safety feature to consider for garage door installation in Pekin, IL, then this article is for you. 

We have compiled a list of some incredible must-have garage safety door features to improve the flexibility and functionality of your garage door. So without further ado, here are six must-have garage safety features to upgrade the functionality of your home garage doors. 

  1. Auto-reverse function 

Auto-reverse functions are the most essential feature that helps you avoid potential injuries and life-threatening situations at your home. Auto-reverse function comes with a sensor that detects even the slightest resistance if a person, pet, or other object gets caught under the door. The auto-reverse function stops the door midway and reverses direction to avoid injuries. 

  1. Photo eyes 

Photo eyes also called electric eyes are little camera-like boxes located about six inches above the ground on either side of electric garage doors. Photo-eyes send signals to auto-reverse function when it detects any object, person, or pet at the time of shutting garage doors. Ensure to keep your photo eyes clean to avoid their vision getting blocked. 

  1. Manual control 

At times of system failure or electric issues, manual control can help you manually operate your doors. Manual controls are operated with a rope that helps you control the door functions at the time of emergencies, power cuts, and more. You can simply pull the rope to shut or open the door when needed. Run regular maintenance and inspection checks to look for potential problems with your manual control system. 

  1. Pinch-resistant panel and hinge 

There are several cases where people have got severely injured due to open spaces between panels and hinges. When the panels fold together, the space between the panel and hinges gets exposed in which fingers or hands can get caught and squished resulting in serious injuries. If you have kids or pets in your home, then this feature becomes an extremely important safety measure for your home garages. 

  1. Smart door openers 

Smart door openers are the latest innovations in garage door industries. Smart garage door openers come with myQ technology that allows users to operate their garage door openers anywhere using their smart devices. You get real-time notifications, set schedules, and also an option to share the application with your family members. 

  1. Balance springs 

The garage door operates on springs. Without springs, it is nearly impossible for the garage door to open and shut at a time of need. A set of good-quality springs can help you maintain proper balances and minimize the stress on the system at the time of the function. 

Hire services from a reputable and recognized garage door installation in Pekin, IL that has more than five years of experience in the industry. Experienced and knowledgeable service providers will help you find the best solution for all your garage door installation concerns.