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Reasons for the Rise in Popularity of Mail-Order Marriage Services Among Western Men

The internet helps people meet and date from anywhere in the world. Without a doubt, mail dating sites are the most effective way to find a soul mate in a short period of time. Mail-order brides are a relatively old phenomenon in the US and Europe but have gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. Although single men have long sought love and the desire to find their life partner has never waned, the availability of information has changed and is much more accessible today than in the past. 

The main thing is that with the advent of the Internet, more and more people want the search for a soul mate to take place in cyberspace, and not on the street or in their own city, where the chances of meeting a stranger are minimal. This review will discuss why Mail order bride services are growing in popularity among Western Men.

What Are The Advantages of Finding a Wife Abroad?

So why are single men in the United States and Europe looking to find a suitable bride abroad when they have more single men in their own countries? The answer is simple – most single men in the United States and Europe have to be extremely well-educated to meet women. On the other hand, there are men who are also looking for single women with high school degrees who are not willing to pay anything for marriage. These men have plenty of options available in their own country, but they are also aware that it is much easier to find a suitable mate abroad than it is at home. Therefore, it has become common for women from all over the world to use a web-based dating service to find men with high school diplomas and who are willing to marry them.

It is also worth mentioning, that one of the big advantages of such online dating sites is that they allow users to search for people who are from their own country and they are open to having a relationship with people from all over the world, not just with people from their own country. Online dating platforms have also been very successful because there is a much greater level of freedom than traditional dating sites, which makes it much easier to find someone who has the same interests and a similar age group as the man or woman you are looking for.

What Do American Men Appreciate in Foreign Women for Marriage?

As you know, American men are the most frequent customers of mail order wife services, because they know for sure that foreign ladies, especially from Eastern Europe, are much better suited for the role of an ideal wife. Here are a few qualities that American men appreciate so much in mail-order brides.

Desire to Have Children

It’s no secret that most American singles put their careers first and that they usually get married and have children by the age of 40. Brides from Eastern Europe have other values. They have the desire to start a family and secure a stable home as quickly as possible, as a family is the most important thing in life for them. This is what most American men usually find attractive.

Maturity in Relationships

So many American men are looking for a relationship and marriage where they don’t have to deal with too much empty talk, constant jealousy fights, etc. In this respect, mail-order brides from Eastern Europe are much more mature and sensible. As a result, harmony and complete mutual understanding are inherent in relationships.

Desirable Body Types

One of the reasons American men are attracted to girls from other countries is that they actually have a much more attractive body type than American women. American women are too big in their torso, hips, and buttocks. This is due to the fact that fast food is extremely popular in the country, as well as freedom of expression and acceptance of yourself as you are. Another thing is with the same East European loners, who devote a lot of time to their appearance and figure. This is due to local customs, as well as the desire to stand out from the crowd of other mail-order brides. As a result, American men registering on one of the specialized sites for finding a bride always have plenty to choose from.

Romantic Desire Romantic Relationship

Foreign women don’t come to America with a lot of romantic feelings for their American husbands. Most of them are still in the romantic stage of their lives and not focused on romance. They have careers, hobbies, and social lives. So that makes them much more open and accessible to a husband or boyfriend.

Open-Mindedness and Willingness to Try New Things

Foreign women don’t really want to try new things in the bedroom. Most American women just want to do what they know, and it’s been done a million times before. In addition, many mail-order brides want their men to take charge of the situation, which most American men love. This gives them a sense of the head of the family, as well as complete trust in his actions. Thus, giving them strength and desire for new discoveries and achievements.

3 Best Mail order Bride Services Among Western Men

There are many mail-order brides sites on the web today. While each one of them has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. What is the best site? That’s a good question. We asked several mail-order bride sites to see if there were any differences. We found several differences between the sites and they are listed below:

  • Cost: A cost is a major consideration that affects a person’s selection of the site to use. The average cost for one of the sites we found was $20 a month. If the person who is going to meet with the mail-order bride is spending 20% of their net income on this service, there is a good chance they are going to want to try a different site than the one that is recommended;
  • Safety: The site that has the best safety record is the most important factor in any relationship. In the past, some of the worst cases of child molesters that were caught are some of the places where you can meet mail-order brides. The top security sites use a combination of several security measures to ensure the safety of the person who is going to meet the mail-order bride;
  • A number of potential matches: A site with a large number of potential matches will help an individual get more of the right match. There is a limit to how many people the site will permit you to contact before you have to pay for more credits. If your budget is limited, this may be a factor in your decision;
  • Compatibility of personality: Every match is unique. Compatibility is a big factor in getting married. If the personalities of the two people who are meeting are incompatible, it is not going to lead to a successful marriage. While some people believe that a person who is “compatible” may not want a big personality, many people are attracted to the larger personality.

In addition, we have compiled a list of some of the best mail-order bride websites. Each of them has its own unique features, so you can try each one to decide which one is best for you.


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DateUkrainianGirl is the largest online social community for Ukrainian singles and the largest Slavic Dating site. This is a fun place for young people to find love, and start long-term relationships with foreigners. 


AsianMelodies is the best Asian dating site in the world. In fact, it is committed to being a great Asian mail-order dating site because AsianMelodies wants everyone to have a great experience. It offers many different features and services to connect Asian girls with Western men.


At the end of this review, it is worth noting that there are many reasons why Mail order bride services are growing in popularity among Western Men. In this article, we have considered the main ones, but it is worth believing that there are many more of them, because more and more customers are turning to their services. This speaks to their high efficiency when it comes to finding a soul mate from another country.