Maynards Wine Gums

Wine gums are a very British sweet. They’re firm (really really firm) gummies that aren’t actually wine flavored, despite their name. Check out the Wikipedia article about them for more. I’ve seen rolls of these in every convenience store I’ve popped into in search of UK candy finds. They also come in bags (and in knockoff brands) that I’m considering trying, as I think my roll wasn’t very representative of wine gums, overall.

My roll had yellow, red, and orange wine gums. Green is on the wrapper, so I wonder if I managed to miss them. As I mentioned earlier, they’re really firm gummies with a springy chew. They remind me of Dots, but without Dots’ tendency to get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your teeth.

The yellow was lemon, with a tangy citrus aftertaste. Red wasn’t very flavorful. It had a bit of cherry-ness to the finish. Orange was also lacking in flavor. I think there was a bit of orange taste that lingered after the sweet was gone, but maybe the color just made me think there was.

I found these to be a disappointing O. You can see Cybele’s take here (she got more colors than I did).

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  1. I think the brilliant idea behind this candy is their name! Bummer that their flavor wasn’t very representative of wine, but you sell these little candies in a convenient store or drug store and I bet they’ll sell simply b/c of the name. I am always looking for fun party favor ideas- have a wine party and give out wine candy as the take home gift! LOL! Looking forward to future posts- thanks!

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