Maynards Juicy Squirts

Maynards Juicy Squirts – Berry

These Maynards Juicy Squirts are right up there with Crunky Nude Balls in the category of unfortunately/awesomely named candy. I found them in Canada and bought them because they looked fun and because they’d let me use the words “juicy squirt” a lot.

Maynards Juicy Squirts Berry

Maynards Juicy Squirts Berry flavors:

They come in four flavors: wild cherry-berry, strawberry-kiwi, peach-raspberry, and grape-berry. In all of the names, the first fruit is the outer gummy, while the second fruit is the inner juicy squirt.

Maynards Juicy Squirts Berry

Wild cherry-berry and grape-berry both had the same pink berry filling. Wild cherry tasted generically red with darker notes of cherry, while grape had a dark, just shy of popsicley-grape flavor. I thought the pink juicy squirt goo tasted more like apple than berry.

Peach-raspberry was uneventful – an orange gummi with a red juicy squirt. I found it mildly floral and fruity.

Maynards Juicy Squirts Berry

Strawberry-kiwi was my hands-down favorite. The strawberry gummi had a mild generic red candy flavor. The faintly green colored lime juicy squirt was the real standout here. It had a zesty limey zing that was surprisingly flavorful for a generic gummy.

An OM for the strawberry-kiwi, and an O for the rest. Also juicy squirt, juicy squirt, juicy squirt.