Why You Should Speak With An Insurance Company About Workers Comp

If you get injured on the worksite, you must know your rights. Understanding workers comp protocols can be confusing, especially when insurance companies are for-profit. How can you know for certain if they’re on your side? 

Once you’ve been injured, it’s your word against a major insurance firm, their lawyer, your employer, and the doctors associated with the insurance company. In a way, it can feel like you have to comply with all of these preset conditions to get your needs met following an injury. Other times, you have more control over how things are handled. For example, some policies allow injured workers to select the doctor they want to work with. 

There may be many things silently working against you as an injured worker. Sometimes, it even takes a judge to determine the injury severity and the rights the injured employee is entitled to receive. The most effective way to address your situation is to speak with an insurance company and Cerity Services about workers comp. For more information on how to proceed, read on. 

Reach Out To Insurance And Cerity Services Before Injury

If you have yet to be injured on the job, this is an excellent time to contact an insurance company and Cerity Services to learn more about workers comp. Why? 

  1. You can gather the information you need without any need for the company to defend itself; this is the time to ask about your fundamental rights and the protocols for workers comp in your state of residence. 
  2. By gathering the information beforehand, you can relay it later should any disputes occur or if contradicting information is forwarded. 
  3. By getting the name of the agent you spoke with through Cerity Services, so you can refer to it later to defend your position. 

Reach Out If Your Injury Reports Are Delayed

If your employer has not made a report on your behalf, you should reach out to an insurance company about workers comp so you can learn your rights. Different regulations and laws exist for workers comp, depending on your state. You should determine if your employer has time to waste before reporting or if the report should have been made already. 

Know The Protocols 

In some cases, the injured worker makes the report. By speaking with an insurance company and Cerity Services, you can determine what protocols you are meant to follow so that the appropriate actions can be taken to address your case. If a business is required to provide workers’ compensation, legal action can be taken against the company for employee negligence, and these illegalities may result in financial repercussions, imprisonment, and loss of state business license. 

Get In Touch With An Insurance Company To Claim Your Rights 

If you’ve been injured at the workplace, you may be entitled to more than your employer is leading on. Get in touch with an insurance company and Cerity Services to learn more about workers’ comp and what it can do for your situation.