Where to Buy Police Gear?

The specifics of a policeman’s work require special equipment. Police tactical gear multifunctional and suitable for even the most difficult duties. Police officers are often faced with non-standard and unpredictable tasks and challenges, so the strictest requirements are placed on police equipment: the same as on military ones. The uniform should be comfortable, resistant to mechanical damage, and universal. The Galls store offers you exactly such things, where you will find the uniform and necessary equipment of a police officer.

The Galls range: Why it’s the best choice for police officers?

Premium brands of tactical clothing, footwear, and specialized accessories are available at the police equipment store. In the catalog, you will find offers from such manufacturers as Tactical, ASP, Safariland, LawPro, and others, who take care to provide the highest quality equipment that meets all standards and requirements.

The Galls catalog includes such sections as:

  • Special clothing of class A, B, and C (uniform and casual uniform).
  • Tactical clothes meet standards approved by the Federal BOP. BOP clothing is divided into casual and work clothes. Only stores approved by the Company Uniform Committee are authorized to sell such uniforms. The Galls police equipment store is on the official list of suppliers of this clothing.
  • Uniform for bicycle police. The patrol wears a uniform with a lot of luminescent elements. It’s possible to see a cop on the road at any time of the day. The uniform includes shirts, biker shorts, pants, jackets, and other clothing.
  • Everything you need for police tactical gear: badges, belts, holsters, and many other items that everyone who is in the police force needs.

However, Galls is a great place to pick up tactical footwear for any season. Comfortable, durable, and stylish shoes are collected in a single catalog. All sizes are offered in the assortment, so you will easily find the most comfortable option. Please note that police tactical shoes are different from regular models.