When Candy is Healthy, and When it Isnt

I?m not joking. According to a study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, people who eat candy live longer than those who don?t. Honestly, this isn?t talking about overindulging; it is referring to modest candy consumption.

However, anyone with incontinence issues; whether he requires use of a commode over toilet or simply has mild stress incontinence, would do best to keep away from candy. Eating too much sugary foods can aggravate the bladder.? Additionally, too much sugar intake can have adverse effects on one?s oral health. You can strike a healthy balance through regular dental check-ups to?care for your smile in charlotte NC.

Here are a few kinds of candy that can actually be good for some people!

Chewing Gum

True, some?dentist in Guelph?say it?s bad for your teeth, but the fact is, sometimes, chewing gum can alleviate nausea. It also increases serotonin levels in the body, and is known to improve mental focus, and put the chewer in a better mood. It also decreases stress.

Cotton Candy

This one?s from Cornell University. I agree it sounds crazy, but listen, I?m assuming the researchers at Cornell must have higher IQs than us, and they claim that cotton candy can be melted down to make artificial blood vessels.?

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an antioxidant. That means it can help prevent heart disease. Also, dark chocolate can help prevent or reduce feelings of depression.


Chocolate may improve moods and antioxidant levels. Even the scent of chocolate can cause a person to be more relaxed.?


Candy can be very helpful for anyone with low blood sugar. It can help them feel better, and be healthier. Having low blood sugar is no fun at all, and definitely nothing to be jealous of, but it does allow the person to treat himself.?

Peppermint Candy

Peppermint candy, and really all other kinds of mint candy as well, is very beneficial. Firstly, it eradicates halitosis. Aside from that oft-touted plus, peppermint is also known to be soothing for nausea, to boost concentration, and to ease tension headaches. It is also an effective decongestant.?

Peanut M & M?s

The peanuts in this candy provide the eater with protein, which is very healthy, and fiber, as well. I?d venture to say that it?s a fun and healthy candy choice!

So, yes, sometimes, candy can be healthy! Can you believe it? However, like anything in life, even candy must be eaten in moderation. Eating too much candy can cause cavities and big stomach aches. But not to worry: I?m sure you?ll be careful, and have a normal candy intake. Enjoy those sweets! There?s no reason to feel guilty for eating just a few; especially if it makes you feel good inside.?

Every person has his own way of eating his candy. Some such them, some like to chew them, some swallow them whole (don?t try that, please – it?s not worth the risk!), some lick and lick them, and some crunch on them like potato chips. Others have a different method for every type of candy they eat. But honestly, it matters not how you eat your candy; as long as you have a good time eating it! Bon appetit!