The 2020 Easter Candy Buying Guide

For some, the Easter holiday is a time to indulge in candy treats. To such people, this tradition cannot be overlooked. That is why when you come up with gift baskets and candy buffets, you must consider the best quality candy.

The holiday, which happens one month before the Kentucky Derby horse race, is celebrated all around the world. During this season, candy comes in all manner of fancy shapes and sizes. These can range from bunny- shaped candy to egg-shaped treats and anything else in between. In this guide, we give you ideas on what to do and what to avoid when shopping for Easter candy this year.

1. Early Shopping

Early shopping can make a huge difference not just to your peace of mind but also to your budget. This is a particularly good tip when it comes to those rare types of candy. In order not to miss out on them, you could do your purchases at least a month or two early.?

Some people may be concerned that early purchase means candy that is less than fresh. But nothing could be further from the truth. The shelf life of candy ranges between 6-18 months so purchasing yours a month prior to Easter is perfectly fine.


As stated earlier, early shopping gives you enormous savings as you get to avoid the hassle of last-minute shopping when prices are jacked up. Also, it gives you ample time to deal with any mishaps or curveballs that may be thrown your way during the purchasing process- such as delayed shipments. Early shopping allows you to sort out such issues and still have a splendid Easter!

2. Select the right candy for the occasion

Tailor your candy purchase according to the Easter occasion at hand. For example, if the candy will be part of a gift basket for a lactose intolerant friend, avoid candies with milk in them. Similarly, if the candy will be part of an Easter candy buffet in a warm environment, chocolates and other melting candies might not be idea.?

If the Easter event in question will be attended by lots of children, go for kids? favorites. As stated earlier, egg-shaped and bunny-shaped treats are Easter staples, so be sure to incorporate those. For an older crowd, try to go as retro as possible- they would love that. Go for the old school candy varieties that they are bound to have enjoyed back in the day. They will love you for it.?


The bottom line here is that the candy you choose must align with the event and the person consuming it. They should be able to enjoy it. Lastly, still on persons bund to enjoy the candy, always remember to include yourself in that category. After all, once all your guests have left and the gift baskets gifted, any left-over candy is yours to enjoy. So why not go for something that appeals to you as well??

3. Get the right storage jars

If planning on having an Easter candy buffet, you will also need to purchase good jars in which to serve the various candies. A good rule of thumb to follow here, is to have a set of five jars for every 50 people at your party, with each jar holding a maximum of 5lbs of candy.?

For small intimate parties, it is advisable to purchase medium sized jars as opposed to large ones. A medium sized jar is one which only required one or two bags of candy to fill up. However, there are those of us who just have an affinity for large jars even for smaller parties. No worries, you can still use the large jar to keep the big chunky types of candies. These includes treats such as jawbreakers, gummy bears, chocolates and marshmallows.?

Equally important while buying the jars is the shape of the jar and especially its mouth. Always go for wide mouthed jars for easy access to the candy.?

The good thing about glass jars is you do not have to break the bank to get a decent set. Aside from recycled ones (which you can get from relatives and friends), you could also purchase the jars very cheaply at flea markets

4. Still on jars; go for different shapes and sizes

Presentation is key. We all agree the colorful candies presented in jars of different shapes and sizes is a treat in itself. In deciding how much candy to buy, it is always wise to stay within the range of ? lbs- ? lbs of candy per person.?

In the event that your Easter party is unlikely to be large enough, you can use fillers for your glass jars to make them seem fuller. For example, a smaller glass jar placed inside the large one helps you fill it up without necessarily using too much candy.

Shop for candies with mixed sizes. The smaller the candy, the smaller the jar and vice versa.?

An assortment of candies

5. Remember to purchase packaging items as well

For gift packs, try and personalize the way you pack the candy. The gift bags and ribbons you use here say a lot. For candy buffets, it has been a long-standing tradition to offer guests some candy to take home at the end of the event.?

It will serve you well to ensure that while purchasing your Easter candy, also factor in the gift bags with which your guests can use to carry the leftover candy.?

This allows you to control how much a single guest can carry so that you avoid a situation where a few guests grab it all leaving nothing for the others.

Wrapped chocolate Easter eggs

We hope this guide will help you make informed purchases this Easter.