Eating Foods Containing Sugar Affect

Can Eating Foods Containing Sugar Affect Students’ Academic Performance in College?

It is widely known that sugar has negative effects on the human body and brain. Overconsumption can even lead to health issues. It can be especially harmful in the early stages of life.?

Not only can excessive sugar diet result in overweight, but also diabetes. This product is also highly addictive, so it is not surprising that a lot of people like it.?

But does it have an impact on college students? academic performance? Let?s discuss the matter in detail.

Food Consumption Influences All Aspects

First of all, it is important to mention that every part of a lifestyle impacts academic performance. And the healthy diet doesn?t mean excluding sugary foods.?

It is about balanced consumption of all necessary microelements, vitamins, and minerals. In building healthy eating habits, there is no one-in-all solution.

Indeed, students can be used to finding a comprehensive solution once and for all. When it comes to studies, you can always solve any academic issue with the help of, but in the dietary world, everything is, unfortunately, much more complicated.

It is easy to fight hunger with sugary foods because they send the message to the brain that the stomach is full. However, the body doesn?t get the necessary nutrition. Mostly, high on sugar products are basically bare calories that do not provide energy to the body and brain.

The human brain is fuelled by the energy we get from what we consume. That?s why it is essential to keep to a proper diet. And the worst part is sugar’s addictiveness. That is why many people tend to choose soda or sweet bar instead of fruit or vegetable.

How Sugar Affects Our Body

Many studies have shown that excessive consumption of sugar is harmful to the school performance among kids. It reduces focus, brings attention difficulties, and affects memory not in a good way.?

Nutrition is directly linked to the students? performance, including college attendees. One of the main reasons is that the brain is still in development in learners? age.?

It is crucial when it comes to higher cognitive functions like critical and abstract thinking. Nutrition plays an essential role in this regard. If the body lacks vital elements, it is not going to perform at its best. This, in turn, will bring about declining academic performance.

Sugar has several effects on the human brain, which influence college performance.

Reduced Ability to Focus

The body reacts to an excessive amount of sweets with insulin. The high level of insulin is linked to lower blood glucose levels. This impacts the ability to pay attention. Needless to say, being focused in class and while studying is of crucial importance to attain new knowledge.

Increased Cortisol Levels

When a person eats too much of sweetened products and studies, it increases cortisol levels. This stress hormone has an impact on one’s memory.?

Students with unhealthy eating habits will have more issues with remembering facts and necessary information during class.

Messing With the Brain

Sugar affects the reward response part of the brain. It is connected with the way people feel satisfied.?

That?s why while eating something sweet we might feel better. At the same time, it results in a more intense feeling of hunger afterward.?

High Addiction Level

Because sugar influences the pleasure part of the brain, it is easy to get addicted to it. Constant consumption of sugary foods might change the whole reward system of a person. It can bring about further overeating sessions and related health issues.

You Will Be Moody

Indeed, sugar affects one’s mood. It also has to do with the level of blood glucose in the body. The consumption of highly sweetened products reduces this level, which might result in worse processing of emotions.

The study shows that people with diabetes type 2 had experienced intense sadness and anxiety when their blood sugar level was increased.

High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar harms blood vessels, which can result in lower cognitive function and brain damage in the long run. The results will be a lower ability to learn, remember, and slower processing of information.?

A diet that is high on sugar is harmful to the brain. As a result, it decreases academic performance among students. For this reason, it is best to?try 30 day no sugar challenge as a start-up for your journey to better health.

Blood Sugar

Final Words

Sweetened foods cause damage to the human body and brain in many ways. They contribute to worsened focus and the ability to pay attention.?

Such products have an impact on memory and overall cognitive functioning. They are also addictive and might lead to problems with overeating.?

Most importantly, these products do not bring necessary nutrition to the body and brain in terms of microelements and vitamins. The combination of all these factors affect academic performance among college students. That?s why it is vital to have a healthy and balanced diet.