Travelling in Newcastle

Top 6 Things To Do When Travelling in Newcastle, Australia

While Newcastle may not be top of your list if you are travelling to Australia from overseas, it is still certainly a worthwhile destination. Even if you are Australian, Newcastle should be somewhere you visit at some point in your life. Newcastle is still a popular destination due to the wide variety of things to see and do. This blog will tell you Top 6 Things To Do When Travelling in Newcastle, Australia.

Newcastle is a short drive outside of Sydney, and if you want to go to a relaxed place to spend some quality time with family and friends, and potentially chill out by the beach, then this is the place to be. Have a read on below at some of the top things to do when travelling in Newcastle:

1. Nobbys Lighthouse

Looking for something truly iconic in Newcastle? Well, you simply cannot go past Nobbys Lighthouse! It was built in 1857 and still operates to this day, ensuring ships get to the dock safely. It sits on top of a rock that used to be an island, and it has huge cultural significance to the Aboriginal people of Mulubinba.

2. Bathers Way Coastal Walk

Itís all about the coast and nature in Newcastle, and the Bathers Way Coastal Walk is one of the best. It is a 5km walk and you get to take in all the beautiful sites along the way. There are many places to stop on the trip, if you see something that takes your fancy. Also, if you are lucky, you might be able to spot some dolphins or even whales, if you are visiting in the winter months (which in Australia is from June to August).

3. Nobbys Beach

Something just as iconic as Nobbys Lighthouse, is Nobbys Beach! Australia is known for its beaches, and while Nobbys Beach may not be as popular or well known as Bondi Beach, it is still absolutely breathtaking, and a must visit spot when travelling in Newcastle.†

4. Newcastle Racecourse

Australians love their sport and this is true not just in the major cities in the country. If you are travelling to Newcastle, you definitely need to head on out to the racecourse. It is such a different vibe compared to racecourses in Rosehill, Randwick, Flemington or Caulfield, but thatís what makes it even more fun! If you are interested in placing a few bets at the track, you can always ask a local, they will be more than happy to provide you with their horse racing tips. One of the biggest races to be held at Newcastle Racecourse is The Hunter.

5. Newcastle Memorial Walk

If you love your history this one’s for you. This walk was completed to commemorate the 100th of the Gallipoli landing in World War I. Australia has a lot of history when it comes to both the World Wars, and you can see the almost 11,000 names of all the men and women who enlisted in other conflicts throughout the walk. The traditions of the ANZACs are very prominent right throughout the country, and Newcastle is no exception.

6. Hunter Valley Wine Tour

The Hunter Valley was one of the first places in Australia to start producing wine, and it is now known as the the premier place to visit if you are going on a wine tour. There are so many different wineries to choose from, and most of them have open doors for tastings and the like. If you are getting serious about your wine, then it is certainly recommended that you ring up beforehand and book at the best spots, so you donít have to leave it to chance.