Himachal Pradesh

8 best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Located in the Northern part of India, Himachal Pradesh has the maximum number of breathtakingly beautiful hill stations. The views from these places of Himalaya and its mountain ranges are unparalleled and please your soul to its fullest. Apart from stunning views, one can enjoy adventure activities that will give you the joy of a lifetime. You can enjoy trekking, hiking, paragliding and other water sports activities that can satiate the adventure lover in you. As there are many locations and limited time, it is a great decision to enlist the destinations prior you embark on the journey.? To help you in your decision making, in this article we will mention 8 best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh with their major attractions.

  1. Kinnaur: It is one of the most famous districts of Himachal Pradesh located at the Indo-Tibet border. Kinnaur is situated at a distance of around 235 km from the most famous Shimla. It offers stunning views of snow-draped Zanskar Valley and the Dhauladhar range. The last village of the Indo-Tibetian border lies in the Kinnaur district. Rivers such as Satluj, Baspa and Spiti drift through this district. The famous “Shiva Lingam ” is situated in Kinnaur. There are ancient Buddhist monasteries and pagodas in the vicinity and due to all these reasons it is sometimes referred to as the “Land of God”. Other places to be visited in Kinnaur at Reckong Peo, Kalpa, Sarahan, Nako, and Ribba. For a spiritual and adventurous experience this place is a mandated inclusion in Himachal Packages.
  2. Indrahar Pass Trek: This is an easy to moderate difficulty trek that even beginners can consider for trekking. Located in the Kangra district the trek starts from Mcleodganj and covers Lahesh and Triund Caves. The trek length is 14 km and it can be covered in a day easily. The views of Pir Panjal ranges and other smaller ranges are perfectly visible on both sides of the trek. The scenic beauty of the trek is enhanced easily in a spellbound manner making even small peaks appear majestic. The best time to take into account this trek for a pleasant experience is April to October.
  3. Nahan: This romantic getaway is away from the buzz of the city. It lies in the lofty Shivalik range that overlooks the lush green fields. The roads are dirt-free and the streets are very clean, all these features make Nahan a perfect hill station for the holiday. The past of Nahan is considered to be spun around many anecdotes and fables. It was founded in 1621 by Raja Karan Prakash as a capital. It is believed that the name of the town is derived from the sage named Nahar which literally means “don’t kill”. Dotted with beautiful gardens the place is not to be missed on your Himachal trip.
  4. Bilaspur: This hilly town is the first planned hill station in India. Situated near Shimla, Bilaspur is known for its Gobind Sagar lake. The lake is a man-made reservoir that fulfils the water needs of the town. One can rejuvenate his or her wound with the water sports activities at the river Sutlej. India’s highest dam, the Bhakra Nangal Dam is also located in this region only near the foothills of the Himalayas. Spectacular views of the dam and lake offer a feeling of utmost adventure to whosoever visiting it for the first time. Shri Naina devi temple and Vyas Cave are other nearby locations to be explored.
  5. Shoghi: If you want to visit Shimla but are concerned about the huge number of people visiting it then you can consider Shoghi as another option. This is a small hill station still unspoiled and untouched by the crowd. At a distance of around 13 km from Shimla, this place is an abode of calmness and natural beauty. All these features make it a perfect honeymoon destination. You can even experience the exotic variety of flora and fauna here. There are many old temples near Shoghi that give this place a rustic appeal. Yiu can even encounter some of the best adrenaline-teasing activities at Shoghi to live your dream of travelling.
  6. Tattapani: This is another quiet village in the Himachal region located around 60 km away from Shimla. The location is very close to the banks of the Sutlej river, which makes this location more adorable. The jot water spring of the place is believed to be having some curative properties from various health ailments. Anyone who is suffering from stress, joint pain and skin related problems can take a deep dive and can see the magic. Another nearby must-visit place as per the locals is Shiva’s Cave, the cave is situated at a distance of around 3.5km from the centre of the town. Among the major activities are river rafting, zorbing, skiing, and paragliding.
  7. Sangla Valley: It is a charming valley in the Kinnaur district. It is the best way to experience the proximity of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city noise. The valley is named after the village Sangla, in which it is situated. Surrounded by strapping snow-covered mountain slopes, sprawling forests that valley never fails to mesmerize the tourists visiting it. What makes it more apparent is the presence of red apple orchards and luscious cherry trees. If you are a fan of fishing activity then no place in Himachal is better than Sangla for trout fishing.
  8. Mashobra: Sometimes referred to as “the quieter Shimla” Mashobra is a lush green town located in Himachal Pradesh. Nestled at an elevation of about 7700 ft. this place ensures minimal human interference in the course of Mother Nature. Once visited, it will provide you with the purest and soul pleasing experience of your endurance. If you are not fond of more crowds visiting Shimla then another alternative to Shimla is Mashobra. IF you are on a honeymoon with your loved one then this is a perfect getaway for you. You can enjoy adventure activities at this place amid the bounty of natural riches.