Inexpensive Vacation Destinations

8 Surprisingly Inexpensive Vacation Destinations

For many people, vacations seem to be an unaffordable luxury. Yet you can explore the country or even the world without emptying all of your savings. Here are some surprisingly beautiful and inexpensive vacation destinations.?

1. Florida

Florida is one of the cheapest places to travel to in the United States. Several low-cost airlines have increased their flights there. Hotel prices are not too crazy, either. In fact, a recent analysis of the cheapest American destinations included four Florida cities ? Orlando, Fort Myers, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale ? in the top five.

2. Bermuda

If you want to leave the country without venturing too far from home, research unforgettable Bermuda cruises. Longer flights across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean frequently lead to higher fuel costs. However, flights to Bermuda are less expensive.?
3. Mexico

Flights to Mexico, Central America and South America are also relatively inexpensive for American travelers. Mexican beach resorts ?are also cheaper than many American ones are. Hotel Las Brisas in Acapulco, for instance, costs less than $200 a night.

However, to really save money, you should avoid these tourist-heavy locations. Instead, try exploring Mexico City and visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico’s Chiapas state is particularly inexpensive. It also offers plenty of attractions, from the incredible Mayan ruins to the gorgeous waterfalls.

4. Colombia

Colombia lets visitors experience both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts. The people are warm and inviting, and the culture is exciting. Highlights include the buzzing Bogota and Medellin, the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountain range.

Cartagena, a port city, is a particularly popular vacation option. It features the Conrad Cartagena hotel, which offers views of the Caribbean at just $140 a night. The five-star resort also features a spa, a swimming pool and an 18-hole golf course.

5. Brazil

Brazil is another South American country with plenty of activities for tourists to enjoy. There are both beach towns and mountains. Plus, thanks to the favorable exchange rate, travel there is cheaper than it has been in many years.

6. Italy

If you do decide to venture across the ocean, Italy is a great option. The Dolomites peaks are ?for
hiking enthusiasts. The nearby resorts are also much cheaper than similar mountain resorts in America are. While a luxury Jackson Hole resort can set you back $2,000 a night, you can get a Dolomites suite with a spa and breakfast for a third of that amount. Unlike American national parks, which have minimal food options, the Dolomites offer picnics from a three-star Michelin chef.

Meanwhile, Forte dei Marmi offers a less expensive alternative to New York. A junior suite in this Tuscany beach town costs the same as a small standard room in the Hamptons does.
The Amalfi Coast is relatively cheap to visit, as well. You can get a suite there for the same price as a junior suite in Laguna Beach. One five-star resort is a former monastery and is thus both historic and elegant. It even includes a Catholic Church, so it is a great place to get married or renew your vows.

7. France

France is another European destination for budget-conscious travelers. You can stay in a castle hotel for less than $85 dollars a night. ?Even a stay in the French Riviera is a great value compared to certain Miami Beach hotels.

8. Thailand?

While Thailand is all the way on the other side of the world, its upscale beach resorts are luxurious without being too expensive. For even greater value, stay in one of the inland regions. Chiang Mai, in particular, has everything from comfortable hotels to dorm beds for backpackers. You can also look at Buddhist temples and check out the rice fields.

Whether you want to vacation in the United States, Bermuda, South America, Europe or Asia, there are ways to do so without breaking the bank. The above locations are known for their breathtaking scenery and their inexpensive prices.?