Compelling Art Pieces

How to Pick Compelling Art Pieces for Your Office Space

Designing an office space has graduated from being just one of those processes we round off with, to being a major piece to the puzzle of how your office looks. Now, a lot of money is pumped into decorating offices and picking out art pieces. This is so because they go a long way in influencing productivity and your office spirit. Let’s see how to pick compelling art pieces for your office space.

You don?t believe me, try having an office filled with unimpressive shelves and dark-colored walls. The atmosphere there will always be cold and tiring. Anyways let?s move on the solve that problem. How do you pick compelling art pieces for your office space?

Go with something that resonates with your services or products.

Every company has a story to tell and one of the best ways to tell that story will be through loud whispers all over your office. In picking out art pieces to decorate your office, go for pieces that radiate the vibe, story, and culture you uphold or stand for in your office.

For example, if you are an equity company, getting a Mural Casey Bolding made just for you wouldn?t be a bad idea. If you are a travel agency, it wouldn?t be had to have a giant straw plane planted at the center of your reception. Whatever the art piece, and no matter the size, let it further identify you as a player in your niche. The art pieces you have in your office space remain mere decorations until they tell the very stories you don?t have the time to tell.

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Go for art pieces with bright and vibrant colors.

At the end of the day, the purpose of being so picky with the art to place around your office space isn?t just for it to look good. It is also for it to somehow translate into more productivity. Scientifically, bright colors are known to trigger certain reactions in the brain and this can sometimes lift your mood.

Asides from bright lighting being for proper illumination within a space, it has therapeutic influences on people. For example, in psych wards, they use brimming colours which people will naturally term lousy. However, this is for the good of the patients there. So at your office, don?t just go for sleep paintings, go for sleek paintings that have vibrant colors. They might just energies your employees. Who knows, they might even make your office somewhat stress-free.

If you?re not sure of the colours to look out for in art paintings before you buy them, you can start with green. Green signifies creativity and it is known for stimulating such. Yellow, on the other hand, spurs joy in those around. Art paintings with such colours are your best bet ? keep an eye out for them.

Pick mind-blowing art pieces

Nothing beats that feeling when you get to an office and you?re all wowed up by virtually everything around. You could be made to wait for hours before you get anything done, but the intriguing art pieces around the office space would not make you notice. Such artifacts are good in many ways. They distract visitors and make them less tensed, as office spaces usually feel intimidating.

They give people something to talk about: If, for example, you run out of ideas on how to escape a boring business conversation, you could just ask how the person felt about the art piece on the wall. Based on how fascinating the art piece is, I?m sure you will go on and on about it for a while. That way, you get your much-needed distraction, and you?d also subtly entertain your client.

In fact, you can go as far as converting the whole office into a tiny museum. Trust me, very few people will mind. Who wouldn?t love to walk into an office space and see beautiful and enthralling pictures instead of just files and paper?

Shop locally

Choosing art prices from your locality or that represent your locality is a great idea too. Not only will you be supporting these local artists by buying their art, you will also be constantly pitching their work to people who buy it just being on your wall or around your office.

Clients will often love to catch glimpses of home away from home at your office. If you live in the tropics, then having an art painting with a big lush field would be nice. This mannerism of picking art pieces will see to it that when people come around, they are reminded of home. Not just that, but every worker will also be made to feel at home in the office because of these art pieces.

Everything is accepted

One of the most important rules of art is that there are no rules. Art isn?t fixed and anything goes as long as the output looks good from the perspective of the one that matters. This is not to say that you should go for sculptures or paintings that represent sensual actions though. This just means that you can place as much art as you want, long as it doesn?t become an eyesore. There is no limit to how many should be in the lobby, or how few should be in the corner office.

Also, don?t limit yourself to paintings and canvasses. Art, for you, might be a sculpture of a horse made of steel. The idea is, as long as it isn?t inappropriate for a corporate space like an office, use it!

Your art pieces aren?t just there to impress visitors and clients they are there for you too. You?d be the one in the office 5 days a week so you?d be the most affected by the pieces.

Include pieces that make you feel at home.

Continuing from my last point, the most important factor when it comes to picking an art piece to put in your office is you. Whatever decoration or art around your office must make you feel at home most importantly. If you have a painting or sculpture that you?ve come to love or that you made yourself, include it!

Making a boast of it to everyone that comes around will be lovely, don?t you think? Placing familiar artifacts around you always will be a sure way to constantly energize you and make you comfortable.