What is the Most Common Reason for Divorce?

In our modern era, divorce is not something uncommon phenomenon anymore. The divorce rate is increasing day by day. Especially in Canada, statistics says that 38 percent of marriage are ended up with divorce. 

There are so many reasons behind the divorce. All cases and situations are somewhat unique to other cases. Sometimes, divorce can be very challenging for a couple. Because after a divorce, a couple needs to go through a lot of emotional and mental breakdowns. That is why people often seek help from professional Moose Jaw divorce lawyers.

In this writing, we will discuss the most common reason for divorce in Moose Jaw. So keep reading the entire article for more. 

The Common Reason for Divorce

A healthy marital relationship depends on a lot of things. And an individual’s married life is far more different than another’s life. Marriage is like a journey where spouses share their joy, happiness, sorrow together. 

But in some cases, certain things become very problematic in the marital relationship. And when those things become more frequent and constant. The marital relationship becomes very fragile to both of the spouses. So, eventually, they choose to go for the divorce. 

Sometimes, it can be very helpful to you to know the common reasons for the divorce. So you can learn from the people’s mistakes and save yourself from drowning in the same river twice. A list of common reasons for divorce are given in the following: 

  • Financial crisis in the family
  • Lack of love and physical intimacy
  • Extramarital relationship or adultery
  • physical and mental abuse
  • Drug or Alcohol addiction
  • Physical Appearance
  • Lack of communication and compatibility

Very brief explanations of these factors are described in the following: 

Financial Crisis in the Family

This can be considered a prevalent problem and reason behind the divorce. Sometimes, a financial crisis can make a couple insane. Because of the lifestyle, people’s life will depend on the financial state of a family. No matter how much money do you have or you earn. There will still be some financial issues in the family.

As a result, it becomes a primary problem for domestic violence. And ultimately, it leads a couple to divorce. Financial issues can affect marital life in various ways. Sometimes, there can be some dispute on financial matters when a spouse is trying to save some money. On the other hand, the other spouse is spending too much money. Thus, it can arise financial dispute among the spouses. 

Money always has a significant role in a family. In every aspect of life, a couple may need money, for example, in the daily necessity, health issues, etc.  That is why lack of money can be very stressful emotionally and mentally for a couple. This is why financial crisis considers as the primary reason for divorce. 

Lack of Love and Physical Intimacy

When the marital relationship becomes older over time, a couple loses interest in each other. When there is a lack of physical contact and love, it becomes hard for one of the spouses. Sometimes, it is normal to have less physical contact. But when it becomes so frequent and constant. 

Then, the spouse decides to go for the divorce. Because physical intimacy is an inevitable part of a relationship, it is not just all about sex. Physical intimacy is much more than that.  Statistics say that 15-20 percent of couples have a sexless marital relationship. And this is another common reason for divorce.

Sometimes, intimacy does not only involve a physical relationship. Rather than giving attention, showing love to your spouse is much more than physical intimacy. But when spouses feel that lack of physical love and intimacy. Gradually they choose to go for the divorce. 

Divorce For Extramarital Relationship or Adultery

Unfortunately, a huge number of the married couple is dealing with these issues. An extramarital relationship will break the trust of your partner.  As a result, there will be a lack of communication and lack of understanding. Eventually, it will lead to divorce.

And it is pretty obvious to seek for divorce after finding your spouse having extramarital affairs with another person. In some cases, there are reasons behind having an extramarital relationship. Sometimes, the relationship between you and your spouse may fade away. 

Likewise, when there is any lack of passion or love. The other spouse may go for another relationship for love. Sometimes, you may not be found your spouse attractive anymore. As a result, it will end up having another partner. 

Also, in the workplace, when people spend a large amount of time with an individual. They end up having a causal relationship with them. And eventually, those extramarital relationship breaks the marital relationship. 

Physical and Mental Abuse

Physical and mental abuse are not just only limited to any particular abuse. The victim of this can be both the female and the male. But especially the females are the victim of physical domestic abuse in most cases. On the other hand, the victims of mental abuse are mostly men. 

Generally, an abusive relationship is one of the valid reasons for divorce. Abusive behaviour may include disrespecting your spouse, yelling for no reason, anger issues, using vulgar language. When those physical and mental abuse becomes so severe, it is like a threat to your spouse. 

Sometimes, counselling by a professional can help a couple from those abusive behaviours. But in most cases, it is ended up by divorcing. There are so many reasons behind that abusive behaviour or actions. Regardless of anything, those behaviours and actions can make a relationship very toxic and dangerous. That is why couples choose to seek divorce. 

Divorce For Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol are the most common types of addiction. And those addictions can make a lovely relationship very destructive. Sometimes, this kind of addiction can make the other person’s life-threatening. When some immoral addiction takes place in a relationship, the love fades away from it.

Not only the drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction can come in various forms. Some common bad addictions may include gambling, infidelity, watching pornography, and so on. When such kinds of immoral addictions are present in a relationship, it eventually leads to divorce. And needless to say, that this is one of the most common reasons for divorce nowadays.  

Lack of Communication and Compatibility

In some cases, the spouses need to live apart or separately because of their workplace or any other reason. As a result, there is some kind of lack of communication between the spouses. Not only these, but there are also various reasons for lack of communication. Sometimes, the spouses do not have that mutual understanding between them.  

When the relationship gets older, the passion for love also fades away. As a result, there is a lack of communication and lack of understanding. A spouse has to deal with a lot of difficult things while struggling with those issues. Eventually, they end up divorcing each other. 

The Bottom Line

Understanding and knowing the common reasons behind the divorce will help you to save a marital relationship. That is why you and your spouse will decide if this relationship is worth saving or not. Sometimes, a relationship becomes so toxic and stressful that both spouses need to deal with so many difficulties.

But if you care about your relationship and feel like it is worth saving. You and your spouse can take help from any professional therapist. Professional counselling can help a relationship to revive again. For all those reasons, it is always better to be safe than regret a toxic relationship. Hopefully, this writing helped you to understand the most common reason for divorce?