Combine Travel & Adventure

Combine Travel & Adventure: Buy a Motorcycle

When you consider the very high cost of running a car, it is no surprise that many motorists are turning to two wheels instead of four, especially in the summer months. Here in the United Kingdom, April is the time when many bike riders bring out their machine from its hibernation and get ready for a summer of adventure riding. Of course, there is a hardcore section of bikers who ride all year round, but the majority garage their bike at the end of September, preferring to seek alternative forms of transport, and here are a few good reasons to park up your car for the summer and experience the combine travel and adventure of two wheels.

The Speed

Obviously, a motorcycle is much lighter than a car and with a 4-cylinder 1000cc engine, you have awesome acceleration; something that you must always respect. There?s not a lot that can beat a burst of raw acceleration on a powerful bike and many riders are instantly smitten by this experience. Large capacity engines are important as they can cruise at high speed all day, which is essential for a touring bike and you must always respect the speed limits, which are set for good reason. If you would like to book a test ride on a superbike, there are dealers of Honda motorcycles in the UK who have a range of new and used bikes, all at very affordable prices.

Cheap Travel

When compared to the cost of running a family car, a motorcycle costs next to nothing and if you are planning a week-long tour on your bike, your travelling costs will be very low. The road tax and insurance for a bike is much less that a 4-wheeled vehicle, so it?s a win-win situation and over a few months, this adds up to quite a saving. Click here for tips when taking children abroad, which can be a challenge.


Of course, steel toe safety boots must always be paramount when riding a motorcycle and you will need to invest in the right protective gear. A leather motorcycle jacket offers the best protection there is, while leather pants are also a good idea, as they will protect your skin if you should experience a fall. The other items you will need are a pair of motorcycle gloves and a pair of motorcycle boots, which completes your outfit.

Riding Tuition

You are advised to book a course for basic motorcycle riding at the very outset, as this will help you acquire the necessary skills for safe riding. It is important to always be focused when riding and never take risks, or exceed speed limits. You will gain hands-on experience as time passes and that will make you a better rider.


Of course, you need to be completely legal to ride on the UK roads (click here for licence details) that involves road tax, minimum of 3rd party insurance and a valid MOT Certificate (if the bike is older than 3 years).