a Solar Panel Installation in the UK

The Best Answers to Your Most Important Questions about a Solar Panel Installation in the UK

There is one aspect you should know about solar panel systems: they take full advantage of the powerful resource of the sun, and this already makes them a premium choice in sustainable energy. The sunís energy will not run out (not in a few billion years, at least), and itís an energy source that has proven to be beneficial to a lot of property owners around the world. But if you are in the UK, you may have particular questions about its benefits as well Ė such as whether or not it is worth the investment. If you are interested in a solar panel installation but are not quite sure about your choice, here are the best answers to your most important questions about a solar panel installation in the UK.

Why are they are a brilliant option in the UK?†

More UK property owners are vying for solar panel systems today, and since the sunís energy is free, it is already an invaluable resource in itself. But aside from this, the prices of such systems has become more affordable in the UK, and you can benefit from various incentives. Also, there are more models to choose from, and these vary based on efficiency. The average price of a 4kW installation in the UK is now at only £6,000, and it can produce up to 3,400 kilowatt-hours per year.†

To give you a better idea: the average electric consumption of a home per year is approximately 3,200 to 4,100 kilowatt-hours Ė so your solar panel system can cover from 83% to 106% of your energy needs in optimum conditions. Furthermore, with the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) incentive, you may even be able to earn extra money depending on the extra energy you can sell back to the national grid.

Will they be efficient in my area?

The first answer to this is yes, solar panel systems are efficient in the United Kingdom. And even if their efficiency may be affected if a day is cloudy, they will still not require direct sunlight for them to work. They can still generate a lot of energy even on days that are cloudy or during winter. Your installation may even be more suitable when the temperature is cooler because solar panels may end up overheating if the temperature is too hot.†

A standard module will have an efficiency level or rating of around 15 to 20%, and their efficiency can be affected by other factors, such as the kind of panel you choose, their angle, and the season. In roof solar panels are a good choice because they are optimally angled and come with a quicker installation compared to standard panels, as confirmed by skilled installers like www.atlanticrenewables.co.uk.†

What is the average output per month of a 4kW system?

Most homeowners opt for 4kW systems. Your system can produce as much as 420kWh of energy per month during the warm season, and its output can be at around 90 to 120kWh per month in January and February. But every region will have different degrees or levels of sunlight. In the northwest regions, such as Manchester, a 4kW system can produce up to 410kWh in May and June.†

To get more of your questions answered, itís always a good idea to contact installers and get quotes so you can make the best decision for your needs.†