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How to turn your home into the ultimate bachelor pad

A growing number of single men are becoming first-time homeowners, and as such, they are looking for ideas on how to maximize the enjoyment of their property. Men tend to focus on comfort and entertainment when compared to women who look for functionality and style. If you are buying, or have just bought a home as a single man and you’re looking for great ideas on how to turn it into the ultimate bachelor pad, you are in the right place.

Home gym

Those that invest in a home gym are likely to use it more often and stay fitter. There is less opportunity to miss a day due to traffic, weather, or having to stay late at the office. When the gym is literally on your doorstep, there is no excuse and you can use it any time of day, or night. It doesn?t close, there are no queues for the machines, and you don?t have to put up with people you don?t like, strutting around and posing. Put on the music that makes you feel good and engage in all the exercises that make you happy and feel good.

Recording studio

A home recording studio is many guys’ dream, but it comes at quite a price. If you are considering installing one in your home, it could be worth revisiting your mortgage?and?looking at remortgaging. Online sites like Trussle can automate most of the legwork for you, saving you plenty of time. The cost of a kitted studio can be upwards of $30,0000 but the enjoyment and use you?ll get out of it is priceless. You could even use it to generate another stream of income through doing voice-over work, or other forms of voice artistry. It can also be a bonus when you?re selling your house, especially if it?s at the more luxury end of the market.

Rec room

Rec room

Otherwise known as a ?man cave? a rec room is a space with all your favorite leisure features in it. You could include a pool table, stereo system, slot machines, a bar, video games, a TV for sports, and much more. Another nice touch for a room like this is mood lighting that can be altered depending on the time of day, and plush leather sofas and chairs for comfort. This kind of room is suited to a basement area where you can get away from the noise and stress of everyday life and just do your own thing.

Home cinema

Going to the cinema can be a stressful experience. Kids crying, teenagers throwing popcorn, couples kissing loudly – there is no end to the number of things that can be unpleasant about watching a film in the same room as 100+ people. So why not make your own cinema at home? Not only do you have total control over the film, any breaks, the lighting, and who turns up, but you can eat and drink what you want, and sit there in your pants if you so choose. A home cinema kitted out with the best technology is a far better experience than your local theatre.

Not only are these ideas good for your wellbeing, but they could even increase the value of your home as well.