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HughesNet Internet Plan and Prices in 2021

Living in a rural area and wondering about which internet provider to choose? HughesNet internet might be your best bet.? HughesNet Internet is one of the most widely available internet options with coverage all over the US. That means, whether you are living in a city or a remote location, there are good chances that HughesNet will be available in that area. ? It is a satellite internet connection that relies on dish antennas and satellite rather than a wired connection. Due to that, customers can get internet services as long as the view to the southern sky is clear. Moreover, the electrical outages would not affect your connection as long as the equipment stays connected to a power source. ? Above all, HughesNet is the most cost-effective satellite ISP as the prices are lower compared to what other satellite internet providers charge their customers. Moreover, if we look at the max speed, it is much better. For further details on that, let?s have a look at HughesNet internet plan and prices.

HughesNet Internet Plans and Prices

HughesNet offers four plans for its customers and just like other satellite ISPs, these plans are based on data rather than speed. HughesNet only offers one download speed of up to 25 Mbps for all its customers while the amount of data differs based on their plan choice. Therefore, whether you go with the maximum data plan or the minimum, your download speed will remain the same. These plans include:

HughesNet 10 GB

If you are someone who uses the internet for just the basic activities such as checking emails, getting in touch with friends or family every once in a while, or paying bills, this plan is for you.

With this plan, customers get 10 GB of high-speed data every month for just $59.99 per month. Once they are over their limit, HughesNet manages their download speed while they do not have to pay any extra charges. Moreover, if you are signing up as a new customer, you might also be eligible for a $10 discount for the first 6 months.

The downside with this plan is that the 10 GB data is considered very low and doesn?t work for everyone. Therefore, for those who need to connect more devices, they have to go for some other plan.

HughesNet 20 GB?

HughesNet 20 GB is the second plan on the list offered by HughesNet. As the name suggests, this plan offers 20 GB of high-speed data every month.?

This amount of data is usually sufficient for people who use it for connectivity or social media usage. Moreover, if you want an internet connection for remote learning or working from home where you do not use VPN, this is the one to go for.

If used in combination with the HughesNet bonus zone and managed properly, this plan will be good for the whole month. Moreover, this is plan is cost-effective as the price is $69.99 per month. In other words, you get double data for just $10 additional.

HughesNet 30 GB

For those customers who need more data than what the 20 GB plan offers and don?t mind paying more for it, HughesNet 30 GB plan is the one to choose. This plan offers 30 gigabytes of monthly data along with 50 gigabytes offered during the bonus zone.

This amount of data is enough for someone who needs to work from home, attends regular video meetings, connect multiple devices, or stream videos and movies over the weekends. Moreover, if multiple users need to connect their devices, this plan is a suitable choice for that.

On monthly basis, customers can get this plan for $99.99 per month while this price is good for two years. Along with that, qualified customers can save $10 per month for the first six months when they sign up for the services.

HughesNet 50 GB

HughesNet 50 GB plan is the most premium plan offered to HughesNet internet customers that costs $149.99 per month. With this plan, you can get 50 gigabytes of high-speed data along with 50 gigabytes offered during the bonus zone.?

If you go over that data limit, you can keep using the internet at a lower speed managed by HughesNet. There is no additional cost attached to it for going over the data limit. However, customers can purchase data coupons to get back to full speed.

This plan is a suitable choice for individuals with extensive internet usage or families.

How does HughesNet Bonus Zone work?

HughesNet bonus zone is the time between 2-8 am every day for which HughesNet offers 50 gigabytes of additional data for free. This is high-speed data; hence, customers can enjoy a speed of up to 25 Mbps.?

Bonus zone data is available to all the customers despite the plan that they choose. So even if you sign up for HughesNet 10 GB plan, you will still get access to bonus zone data without any extra charges. This additional data allows customers to manage their usage properly and schedule downloads or updates during that time to avoid affecting their regular data offered in their plan.