Floor Care

Tips & Advice for Best Floor Care

Taking care of your floor increases both the life of the floor and the well-being of employees or the family. But how do you actually go about taking care of the floor in the best way? In this article we share our best tips and advice for optimum floor care. Clean Image of Orlando recommends a variety of different natural ways you can try when cleaning your tile floors.

Floor Care

A neat and clean floor can really make an entire room, while a worn and scratched floor can instead ruin your whole life. Despite this, many people do not want to take care of their floors. Either because you do not know how to take care of them in the best way or also because you do not have time, desire or energy.

After all, taking care of their flooring can be a big task as furniture and other large objects must be moved while you are taking care of the floor care. This applies regardless of whether you plan to grind, bean or repaint your floor.

Benefits Of Taking Care Of Your Floors

But why do you have to take on this big and difficult task of taking care of the floor? Well, you could compare the floor to your windows, which you probably clean at least once a year.

Once your windows are spotlessly clean you get a whole new light and the room feels like new. The same goes for your floor. Once clean, it reflects light in a whole new way, while making the room feel new, fresh and inviting. Something that enlivenes the atmosphere both in the workplace or at home.

Proper Maintenance To The Right Floor

Once you have decided to maintain the floor, you may want to consider the floor care yourself. How does it look and which one to use? In fact, there are a variety of floor care types to suit different floor types. So it is very much about giving your floor the right care depending on the conditions and characteristics.

Usually this is either about oiling a worn wooden floor, boning a plastic floor or cleaning the tile floor. It can also be about grinding or polishing a stone floor. Everything simply depends on conditions and properties.

Below, we thought, therefore, how to best take care of the different types of flooring available:

Floor Care Wood Flooring

Today, it is very popular with wood or parquet flooring both at workplaces and at home. These types of floors are very sensitive and require some thought and caution.

As you may already be aware, water and wood are not a good combination, which means you should be very careful with the water. If you use too much water, the floor can cause damage and shorten the service life. The same goes for cleaning products. Therefore, make sure to dispense correctly according to the instructions on the package.

But what cleaning products should you use? When it comes to hardwood floors you should preferably use mild green soap and gently with water also find the best vacuums for hardwood floors.?

Floor Care Linoleum

Another type of flooring that is popular, especially in workplaces, is linoleum flooring. Linoleum is made from sawdust, linseed oil, resin and desiccant. During manufacture, materials are also provided with an acrylate-based base cover. This basic protection may occasionally need to be improved with floor care wax.

In case of extra wear, even the top layer of the mat may need to be sanded off and treated with wax or polish. If your linoleum floor is not particularly worn, you should primarily use dry cleaning methods such as moping, vacuuming and sweeping when cleaning. However, if necessary, you can use a slightly damp mop.

Floor Care Plastic Flooring

When it comes to plastic flooring, they are usually very grateful because they are not as sensitive as, for example, wooden floors. A plastic floor is usually not affected by normal household waste, but it can easily be removed with neutral detergent diluted with lukewarm water.

When it comes to cleaning plastic flooring, you should, like linoleum flooring, primarily use dry cleaning methods. You can advantageously clean it with the vacuum cleaner, dry or moisture mopping.

If you want a higher gloss on your plastic floor, it can also be treated with the help of a polish. However, this does not apply to plastic floors with polyurethane that should not be treated with polish.

Floor Care Stone Flooring

When it comes to stone floors such as marble, limestone, concrete and clinker, these require regular maintenance. This is best done by polishing, which makes the floor radiant clean while giving a lively shine. The gloss usually disappears month by month, which means you should repeat the process after a few months. Exactly how often this should happen varies depending on how busy the surface is.

Other Tips

Another tip for increasing the life of your floor is to protect it. Most have heavy furniture that gives ugly scratch marks and other wear. Therefore, be sure to provide all table legs, chair legs, sofas, armchairs and the like with soft paws.