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Five Killer Tips for Argumentative Writing

Essays accompany students throughout the entire academic life, being one of the most predominant aspects in terms of grading. and many students searching for term papers for sale online. It goes without saying that there are a plethora of types of essays one should write, depending on a subject and an overall aim of the written discourse. Notwithstanding, they all have a specific structure that one is to stick to in order to fulfill asked requirements. One of the essays is considered to be an argumentative one, which, in turn, reveals arguments and issues of an exact topic. To get more familiarized with such type of essay, pay a visit to Down below, you can find information regarding killer tips that are to help in writing argumentative papers.


If you have an opportunity to select a topic you are passionate about, do that without hesitation. As a result, you will be more productive in researching the topic, which, in turn, will help you to make a clear, accurate, and short thesis statement that is widely agreed to be presented in the first paragraph of your essay. The first paragraph creates a general impression of your written discourse, where you set up the context by inspecting the topic. Explaining the significance of the issue, you then write a thesis statement, which is considered to be the most crucial part of your paper. Don’t make a thesis statement extensive because you will be developing your included arguments in the following paragraphs.

Transition Words

Try to make your transition between paragraphs smooth and clear, which will help your reader to keep the general opinion of your essay. Transition words have to wrap up the idea from the previous sector and open an idea that is to follow in the next part. When it comes to the transistors themselves, they may well define similarity, exception or contrast, sequence or order, time, example, emphasis, cause and effect, conclusion or summary, and many more. For instance, assuming that you aim to make a contrast in your written discourse, you can use such words as “however,” “notwithstanding,” “in spite of,” etc.

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Develop your arguments in body paragraphs

If to take into consideration that you are to write a one-page essay, you have to have three arguments that should be developed in your paper. Under no circumstances should you include all of the arguments in one body paragraph. Each paragraph must be restricted to the examination of one concept. By that, your written discourse will be clear and easy-to-understand. Other than that, not only should each paragraph have a logical connection to the thesis and to the following sections, but also it should possess a topic sentence, with the explanation of the problem and a small conclusion. Make sure to review each paragraph after you write them, checking whether the aforementioned aspects included.

Don’t make up evidence

It is generally agreed that the argumentative essay requires a precise and well-researched piece of information to support the thesis statement and develop it. Moreover, you can include some statistical, anecdotal, or logical confirmation in order to support the thesis. However, don’t create your evidence to support your point of view. These days, information can be easily checked, so better to devote more time to the research than fail the assignment. As it is an argumentative written discourse, graduates should recognize a plethora of viewpoints when gathering paper-related information. Besides, you can also include and briefly analyze some takes that do not find any correlation with your thesis statement. The crucial point is to remain neutral and avoid being emotional for the reason that you are a student, whose aim is to examine and define that other positions might be false or not well informed.

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Readdress the conclusion

Surprisingly enough, graduates usually face the most prominent problems while writing the conclusion. Basically, this is the part where you leave the opinions, as were mentioned above, but in other words and brief. Meaning that the conclusion must be impressive, compelling, and coherent. Don’t try to add new information because it will confuse the reader; instead, harmonize the information given in the body of your written discourse. Other than that, rehash about the importance of the topic, go over the main points, and review the thesis. To write a conclusion, you are likely to make use of these words: “in order to conclude,” “in the final analysis,” “to summarize.”


Argumentative writing might be a time-consuming process that requires sticking to the proper structure, finding, and evaluating evidence. For this reason, a variety of youngsters face difficulties regarding writing such type of paper. The killer tips, as mentioned above, give a clear picture of what to focus on while writing an argumentative essay to spend less time on it, yet make it more appealing and impeccable.