Ways to Find Freelance writing jobs

Ways to Find Freelance writing jobs

Do you want to become a professional writer and want people to pay for papers that you will write for them? People become freelancers and are obsessed with landing their first client. They have no clue what to do and how to do it. However, if you want to know how to succeed, bookmark this post, and keep reading the ways to find freelance writing jobs.


Find Freelance Writing Jobs – Simple Ways to Start


There are several ways to land potential clients that are as follows:


Cold pitching: 


Cold pitching means contacting entrepreneurs, bloggers, small businesses, companies, and other startups to let them know the tips and tricks of growth via writing. Although it looks scary, it is easier to do than you would ever think. Make sure that you add the following things in your pitch: 


– Source from where you found them

– Your solid introduction

– How can you be helpful for them?


Pitch to a job ad: 

A newbie faces a lot of difficulties when he enters the freelancing field. Henceforth, if you are a newbie and want to find quality jobs, respond to the job ads wherever you see them. Many new writers get jobs via this service. Many a time, recruiters as to give your rate and other times, they specify their rate. 


Here are some of the affiliate links that can help you land a potential job:


– Problogger

– Blogging Pro

– All Freelance Writing Job Board

– Contena

– Canadian Freelance Writing


 Follow tweets from job boards:


Social media is one of those platforms that can be a goldmine for landing potential clients. One of them is Twitter, which also helps to build relationships with potential clients. 


Here are some of the job boards that you can follow:


– @Write_jobs

– @WhoPaysWriters

– @JJobs_tweets


Ask Work, friends, and family:

Before leaping into the freelance writing world, let people around, you know. This can help you to secure your early-stage samples as a newbie. Besides, it is important to stay ready every time for potential writing gigs in your everyday life. 


Use your website:

One of the best ways to attract high-paying clients is to make a professionally excellent website. You can also use your blog that you might have come up with within your free time. 


Guest posts:

Millions of people see your posts on popular sites if you write for free. And one of those readers can turn out to be your potential client. Pitching to job ads without samples will be very difficult for a newbie to land potential clients. Henceforth, building up a portfolio is the safest and best option to go for. 


Network with other writers: 

Adding up fellow writers is the best option that you can go for. Ask how to rewrite my essay for me? They can refer you to their client or someone else too. 


Go for warm pitching:

After cold pitching comes to the warm pitching- direct and indirect approaches. Unlike cold pitching, warm pitching is a slower and indirect way of landing clients. 


Many other options can help you understand things clearly. Happy journey.