Sleep Solutions: The Best Teas For Bedtime

Sleep Solutions: The Best Teas For Bedtime

When it comes to personal health, there?s little that?s more important than your sleep patterns. Sleep deprivation is a common problem amongst adults – day to day stressors and the race of modern life make it hard to get to a place that feels comfortable and natural for sleep.?

Natural remedies are a great primary solution to fixing poorly structured sleep cycles. Whether it be by using a weighted blanket or investing in a memory foam mattress, there are a lot of ways you can invest and impact the quality of your sleep positively. Recent studies have uncovered other interesting natural ways to sleep better, and that?s through the practice of drinking herbal tea.??

Non-caffeinated herbal teas have always been used for natural healing purposes. Here are a few that might be effective in your own search one that combats your lack of sleep:?

#1 Chamomile?

Chamomile tea is probably most popularly known for it?s calming and antioxidant properties, but it can also be an effective way to induce sleep.? One study amongst nursing home residents indicated that those who ingested chamomile had significantly better sleep than those who did not.?

While there?s some conflicting evidence surrounding the efficacy of chamomile in sleep, the ritual of ingesting a cup before you rest on the best mattress you can for your sleep is interesting. Our brains make associations with certain sensations and, having a hot cup of tea before you get into bed can help you get your body to the ideal temperature and mode for a good night?s rest.?

#2 Magnolia Bark

A lesser-known herbal tea, magnolia bark has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help with various symptoms, including stress.?

When it comes to anxiety management, a two-prong effort is usually more effective than relying on simply one tool alone. Fighting off sleep deprivation when you?re struggling with anxious thoughts may also be made easier with the help of weighted blankets, which have the true power of turning your bed to the most comfortable mattress you?ve slept on.?

#3 Lemon Balm

For those who struggle with more floral flavors, lemon balm could be the citrusy sleep solution you may be looking for. Its minty overtones are great to sip on right before you hit the hay, and studies with mice have shown it to be pretty effective in helping those who struggle with sleep deprivation.?

#4 Lavender?

Lavender is commonly associated as a sleep solution, whether to sniff on in the form of essential oils or to ingest in the form of tea. Those who make a habit of routinely drinking lavender tea have found it to settle any nerves, and help with sleep.

If ingesting lavender is a little too out there for you, you may wish to take it in some other way. The best mattresses will require cleaning at least twice a year- during this time, lightly distributing lavender essential oils, either by using a very light spray or by using some other method, to imbue your mattress with the scent, will go a long way in calming you down.

#5 Valerian Root

?Valerian has grown to be an incredibly popular sleep solution to those looking for some relief from sleep deprivation.?

If you?re averse to drinking the strong flavor, you might want to try finding the dietary supplement version of this and ingesting it as a capsule instead.

Even the best mattresses can be made better with a little help, so trying to supplement your diet with these herbal teas will allow you to fight off sleep deprivation in a holistic and natural way.?

Getting the most out of your cup of tea

While herbal teas can certainly help, a good night?s sleep starts with the tools you have to get it. The best mattress for you might vary on your individual needs, which include personal schedules, physical requirements, and your sleeping positions.?

Memory foam mattresses are an incredibly versatile pick for those looking to have the right balance between comfort and support through a night?s sleep. The best mattresses, memory foam or not, ought to be breathable, and last you for a time that makes sense to your investment.?

One of the most appealing aspects of memory foam mattresses is that the best mattresses in their range come with motion isolating capabilities, which can allow for a night of undisturbed sleep.?

It also means you can put your cuppa down next to you without worrying too much about spills, though this is another sign to look out for when you?re researching the best mattresses on the market: they should be stain resistant. This will just ensure future clean up is easy and isn?t too draining.?

Weighted blankets are another way to fight off sleep deprivation, and effectively. Studies show that weighted blankets work particularly well with those who struggle with anxiety in the run-up to their sleep. They work by using gentle pressure stimulation, which mimics the sensation of being swaddled and embraced.?

When used in conjunction with the best mattress for your sleeping position, weighted blankets really have the power of transforming your sleep cycle, so they?re well worth a try if you?re looking to test out how to fight sleep deprivation.?

Natural sleep solutions like tea really work best when used in conjunction with the right tools for the job, and the best mattress and weighted blanket you can find come into this.?

Other healthy sleep solutions include switching off your phone a few hours before you go to bed, ensuring you?re staying away from caffeine, and regulating the temperature in your room so that you aren?t overheating in bed. If you do struggle with overheating while sleeping, cooling weighted blankets solve the issue of body temperature regulation while still allowing you to try something different for your sleep deprivation.?

Whether it?s by using a weighted blanket, sipping on a hot cup of tea, or anything else, remember that one night won?t solve all your issues with sleep. A good, consistent routine is the key to a good night?s sleep, one you most definitely deserve.?