The Most Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Writing an essay is never easy, especially if you don’t have the required writing skills. Sometimes students think that they write perfect essays. However, their grades suggest otherwise. At such moments, it is impossible to convey the frustration felt by the students. You can always buy essay cheap to avoid unpleasant situations. With professional writing help, you will be able to submit papers without any mistakes. But if you want to try writing your essay by yourself and avoid possible mistakes, check out our guide!

The most common errors in writing are:

  • Too broad topics

Narrowing the topic is one of the most important essay writing tips. The broader the topic, the more difficult it becomes to focus on the main argument and support it with evidence. If you have problems with coming up with the right topic, check out lists of essay topics on the Internet.

  • Vague thesis statement

Your thesis statement is your paper’s main argument. It should be clear and concise. Otherwise, your paper will lack focus. Each essay introduction should have a thesis statement that will present an idea of what a paper will talk about. If don’t know what thesis to include, look for examples on the Internet.

  • Irrelevant details

In an essay, every detail matters. Make sure all the information you include is relevant to your topic and supports your argument. If you miss some details, conduct research to find more information.

  • Wordiness

This is one of the most common mistakes made while writing an essay. Yes, everybody remembers about word count in essays. However, adding too many words is not the right way to achieve this. Too many unnecessary phrases will not make the right impression on the reader. In addition, they make a paper less readable. Be concise and clear in your writing. Use specific and concrete words and phrases.

  • Informality

An academic paper should be formal. This is one of the most important rules in essay writing. Do not use contractions, abbreviations, or slang phrases in your paper. Also, do not address the reader directly.

  • Too complex sentences

Long sentences confuse readers. Don’t write too many complex ones. The sentences in your essay should be easy to read and understand. Do not use too many clauses in one sentence. It will only make the text confusing. Use simple language to communicate your ideas clearly.

  • Unclear structure

An academic paper should have a clear structure. Connect the introductory part, main part, and conclusion logically. Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence, which supports the main argument of the essay. Write a conclusion that sums everything up. Also, do not forget to proofread your paper to check for any mistakes in the structure.

  • Not proofreading the paper

One of the most common mistakes is not proofreading the paper. Sometimes students think that their essay is perfect, but there are always some small errors that can lower your grade. So, don’t forget to proofread your essay before submitting it! If you can’t do it well, ask your friends who are more knowledgeable in writing to read it through. 

  • Plagiarism

Another mistake that students make is plagiarism. This happens when you copy someone else’s essays and present it as your own. This is a serious offense that can get you expelled from school. So, always make sure to write your essays from scratch and use proper citations if you use someone else’s texts in your paper.

  • Not following the instructions

When you’re given an assignment, there are always specific instructions that you need to follow. But sometimes, students don’t read those instructions carefully, and as a result, they don’t meet all the requirements. So, make sure to read the instructions carefully before starting to write your essay!

  • Weak arguments

Another common mistake is using weak arguments in your paper. If your arguments are not strong enough, it will be difficult to convince the readers of your viewpoint. So, make sure to back up your arguments with strong evidence!

  • Incorrect grammar

Using incorrect grammar is another error that students often make in their essays. This can make your essay difficult to understand and lower your grade. So, always proofread your essay to check for any grammatical errors! Also, special grammar checking tools can help you to polish your paper. 

  • Typos

Typos are another common errors that students make in their essays. This can happen because you’re in a hurry or you don’t pay attention to what you’re writing. But whatever the reason is, typos can make your essay look unprofessional and lower your grade. So, always edit your essay before hand it in!

These are some of the most errors that students make in essays. If you avoid these mistakes, you will be able to write a better paper!