custom packaging

The Evolution of Custom Packaging

Today, when you look at packaging options for your products, you can find things like sustainable frozen food packaging. Of course, this hasn?t always been the case. Custom packaging was once much rarer and had far fewer options. You may wonder how evolution of custom packaging from humble beginnings to the diverse and advanced packaging industry of today. Below is a brief overview of Evolution of Custom Packaging.

Custom Cardboard Packages

Cardboard and paper packages are some of the oldest examples of custom packaging. These products are relatively easy to print with different branding. Additionally, the materials are readily available and have always been inexpensive. Evolution of Custom Packaging first became common, these traditional material choices stood out because other products were not sold in eye-catching packages.

However, card and paper do not offer many protective characteristics. They are not effective for anything moist or that needs to be refrigerated or frozen. Some packaged solve this with plastic bags or liners inside. Of course, this negates many of the benefits of cardboard. As cardboard and paper became more ubiquitous, it has also become harder to stand out on the shelf.

Custom Plastic Packaging

As plastics technologies improved, so did packaging that is made from it. Tubs, jars and boxes made from plastic can provide a safe and effective container for foods that are not suitable for cardboard or paper. Additionally, printed plastic for many years offered a way to stand out on shelves dominated by more conventional packages.

Conventional custom plastic containers are not without their drawbacks, however. Hard plastics are difficult to transport because they are very space inefficient. Many older plastics technologies couldn?t print branding on plastic in an engaging or visually appealing manner. Brands and Packaging Design Agency often overcome this with printed paper over plastic. However, this may no longer be necessary due to modern technologies.

Modern Custom Packaging

The most modern custom packaging is custom mylar bags. These flexible pouches offer all the benefits of plastic without the drawbacks. For example, they can be printed with high-quality branding. They also can be packed flat when not used for the product. This allows for much easier transportation and shipping of pouches compared to rigid containers.

Furthermore, they stand out on the shelf, especially custom printed stand up pouches. This can provide brands with an edge when customers are making their buying decisions. For any business trying to market its products, this is perhaps the single most important attribute.

Modern custom pouches can safely contain frozen goods, loose products, liquids and almost any other type of product. Plus, they can be designed to be resealable. In short, they bring together the advantages of both cardboard and plastic.

Give Your Brand a Boost With Packaging

Taking advantage of the best custom packing options can help your business increase its sales. One of the great challenges of product packaging is standing out from alternatives while containing costs. Few options can achieve this like mylar pouches. They can be more eye-catching then alternatives while helping to cut costs through minimal transportation and storage expenses. Explore this and other packaging options for your brand today.